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    While I have yet to set a release date, I want to open the floor to suggestions for verison 1.2 already now to give you all a chance to send me your requests.

    Features already decided for 1.2:

    – Points for viewing Videos
    – Inline editing of users points in the User List (admin area)
    – Improving the Import add-on to allow import of entire logs.
    – New Games add-on for lottery and bettings
    – Reoccurring points. Points awarded on a daily/weekly/monthly basis


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  • Hi,

    Can you add support for SimplePress forum ?

    they have a cubepoints compatibility plugin

    Earn points to clic in a concret element as link or images.
    Earn points for complete some tasks

    Plugin Author MyCred


    Hey Bultack.

    Can you give some examples of what these “tasks” would be? You can award points for users clicking on links already using the mycred_link shortcode.

    be great if they can expand the information in shortcode

    as picture


    I would like to see an Add-on to buy virtual Items.

    let’s say: If the User clicks on a “Buy Now Button” for item1, his total creds should be reduced by 100 (if he has enough creds, else error – he can’t buy it) and in an specific Databasetable there should be an Update like set item1 = +1 where user_id = current user.
    So there wont be any download or shipping, just an update of the Database.

    Additionally it would be nice if you can limit the total amount for all users (only 500 items availible in total) and a personal limit for users (user can buy this item only 5 times)

    would be like:
    [items4creds item=”item1″ creds=”-100″ limit=”500″ limituser=”5″]

    Thanks maffsen, I’m voting for it (add-on Virtual Items) !

    hi Gabriel, is this shortcode correct for deducting the current user 1 point ?

    [mycred_link amount=”-1″ href=”http://www.merovingi.com” target=”_blank”]View portfolio[/mycred_link]

    * from page mycred_link shortcode.

    Plugin Author MyCred


    Hi fcpro.

    That code will deduct users 1 point for clicking on the generated link.

    Great thanks

    Plugin Author MyCred


    Hi maffsen

    Not sure what you mean by “virtual items”, can you be more specific? You cant use the mycred_sell_this shortcode?

    Great plugin!

    My requests:
    1. points for views (by users) of your posts.
    2. points for viewing posts.
    3. generate stats over a time period.
    4. csv export of generated stats
    5. inline editing of user points with explanation

    #3 & 4 can be see done with another plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/post-pay-counter/screenshots/


    Plugin Author MyCred


    Hi gumresq

    Regarding 1 & 2, have you had a look at the mycred_give shortcode?

    3 & 4 I will have a look at the plugin you suggested, Stats have been on my “want to have” list for a while.

    5. This is already in the works.

    be possible when transferred money to a user you could leave a comment

    as imganen


    Plugin Author MyCred


    Hi Ramon

    Ill have a look at including a message. It brings up some questions though, like where would this message show up? Would it just replace the log template or sent / shown in other ways?

    Thanks for the reply.
    For #1 & 2, I just thought it would be easier for most of us who are not familiar with codes to be able to turn these functions on and off from the admin panel. #1 is to encourage members to write quality articles and to reward them when other members read their posts. In other words, if a member writes good articles, he (she) gets rewarded with a point or points each time other members read his (her) article. An extension of this idea is to reward the post author with points when other members write comments on the author’s article. I hope it makes sense. I think cubepoints had these features.

    Thanks again for the great plugin and your hard work.

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