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    While I have yet to set a release date, I want to open the floor to suggestions for verison 1.2 already now to give you all a chance to send me your requests.

    Features already decided for 1.2:

    – Points for viewing Videos
    – Inline editing of users points in the User List (admin area)
    – Improving the Import add-on to allow import of entire logs.
    – New Games add-on for lottery and bettings
    – Reoccurring points. Points awarded on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

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  • Thanks for your great job.

    Feature request
    1. award points once for commenting on each post (aviod spam comments)
    2. award points once for existing avatar or uploading avatar
    3. display the purchased times of paid content

    to be continued..

    Great job on 1.1!

    I really like:
    – Reoccurring points. Points awarded on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

    As I was going to award all members points daily so they could earn rank over time!

    1) Ability for admin award and subtract points from all users or set an arbitrary default value.
    2) Support Gravity Forms plugin

    Thank you so much for picking up where CubePoints left off!

    One feature I would really like (and which I saw requested by others in the CubePoints forums) is a ranking option(s) based on points earned over a given time period, e.g., such that I can rank users based on points they earned only during the last seven days (in order to encourage/reward continuous activity). I still want to maintain total point scores for use with ranks/levels, however using total points for ranking can discourage new users who feel that they will never be able to catch up to more senior users. Note: I have not had a chance to play with the myCRED plugin yet, so I do not know if this is an existing feature or whether it is even feasible (although I assume it’s at least possible since myCRED maintains a log of point awards).

    Also, support for the BuddyPress Docs and/or Wiki plugin(s) would be sweet.

    — Jeff


    What type of integration are you thinking of for gravity forms? We are currently looking at using gravity forms paypal payment pro to process purchasing of credit bundles.

    Once finished we will feedback and hope that it can be included.


    It would be great if mycred could support Co-Authors Plus ( when selling content.

    Hopefully I will be able to get our commission module finished for inclusion.

    Ability to cash out when using paypal, I am currently investigating the Mass Api and will feedback what I have,

    It would also bee good to have

    • mycred as a payment gateway for Event Manager.
    • Reconciliation Report – If used with the bank feature it will check that every point within the system has been allocated correctly

    I think this is a must dear
    Achievements for WordPress integraation

    Like to see myCRED integrate with Sensei from WooThemes:

    Plugin Author MyCred


    Hey Scotm

    How would you see myCRED get integrated with Sensei? I never used this plugin.

    With the Sensei plugin you can create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes, etc. within WordPress. So ideally you could enable myCRED so that a user earns points for completing courses, etc. Since it’s supported by WooThemes you would be assured it’s going to be around for the longterm. Their WooCommerce platform is also a great fit for myCRED.

    Plugin Author MyCred


    Yeah I saw that you can pay for courses using WooCommerce and myCRED already supports that cart system. Will contact them and see if they have any suggestions on where to hook in as I have no experience with this plugin.

    I’m not sure if this is a good suggestion – sorry 🙁

    But I’m sure of is «Crowdfunding» small or mid size website are growing and soon enough … the needs to reward their best “Backers” or Pledgers will take place.

    Free Crowdfunding plugin that lets you crowd source everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology:

    as feature that I would like to see is:

    Get xx points when “entering” or typing an alphanumeric promotional codes.
    Promotional codes are easy to produce from many places on the web or from afortable software format in csv file. Promotional code are everywhere on printed marketing collateral (flyers, card, etc). Rewarding people who uses them is needed.

    The feature or add-on is about uploading a csv file and making sure that the codes can be activated only once and deliver xx amount of ponts.

    Hi Gabriel,

    If you can, please make the back end Log sort-able ASC/DESC as I am curious who are some of the people with the most posts.


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    Another request for 1.2 is to limit the amount of points for

    Credits for adding a post as favorite

    Just as with comments. It is easy for someone to go to all your post and add them all as favorites to harvest points.

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