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  • Plugin Author Gabriel


    The next version of myCRED will add support for a few new plugins and add some new features. So far the following features have been requested:

    buyCRED Add-on
    – Add support for more payment gateways. Requests: WePay, Zombaio and Payza.

    Sell Content Add-on
    – Add the option to have purchases expire after x number of hours.

    Third Party Plugin Support
    – Add support for a voting plugin.
    – Add support for Event Manager

    New Features:
    – Ranking
    – Email Notifications for points being awarded
    – Daily / Weekly / Monthly points
    – Interest on point balance
    – Games. Lottery or simple team vs. team betting using points

    I am also making some minor changes to some core functions to allow custom features such as: Group Points, Deduct points given from a central “Bank” account etc. I will cover these though some new tutorials.

    Deadline for 1.1 feature suggestions is June 1st.

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  • I would like to request a tweak to the integration with BadgeOS.

    Right now, it looks like a user earns the same number of points for a badge in a specific category. If possible, can you set the number of points earned so that it matches each specific badge? For example

    Badge Category 1
    – Achievement 1 = 1500 points
    – Achievement 2 = 1000 points

    Under the current system, both achievements must be awarded the same number of points. There is no option for customization. Or, if there is an option for customization please let me know! I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

    Thanks for the plugin! It’s spectacular!


    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hi Allmyleagues!

    Not sure what you mean, you can set how much each badge is worth though the myCRED Metabox when you edit a badge (or any other achievement type you might have created). If you do not see the metabox, check under the “Screen Options” Tab.

    Under the myCRED > Hooks page you are setting the points for each achievement type but this is just the default setting.

    Ah, I missed it. Thanks so much!!


    Could you add an option to let a user’s myCRED points expire after X days from the day they were acquired? E.g. on the 4th day user receives 13 points. on the 7th day 5 points. Expiration is set to 10 days. So the user has 18 points. Midnight on the 14th day, he loses 13, leaving him with 5 points. Implement that the user receives an email right after acquiring the points “these expire after 10 days” and one day before “13 of your 18 points are about to expire, please visit our ‘(link)shop’ to spend you points, now”
    As a further option you could enable a time window (x days, to be set by admin) wherein expired points can still be won back by buying x% of the amount that has expired in new points (e.g. set to 70%, the above user would have to buy 9 new credits to win back his expired 13. After doing that, he would have 22 and would have prevented losing the credits)

    And you could move the option to set the exchange rate to the myCRED settings instead of (e.g. the woocommerce gateway settings). It’s very contra intuitive.

    Thanks for your great Plugin 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hey Sinna.

    Thank you so much for your suggestions.

    I will have a look and see what we can do. I am not sure a “points expiration” feature would be something that I would implement in myCRED by default, it is however something that can be done with the current version if you are comfortable with PHP programming or if you know someone who is.

    Not sure I understand what you mean with moving the exchange rate. WooCommerce related settings should be with WooCommerce settings, myCRED settings with myCRED settings. Since the exchange reate only applies for the WooCommerce plugin, I am not sure why it should be moved.

    Hi Gabriel,

    myCRED looks nice, and the Multisite feature looks interesting.
    Do you think the following feature would be possible:

    There should be two kind of credits for every user:
    “Premiumpoints” that can can be used for every Site in the Multisite Network
    and the
    “Regular points” that vary on every Site and can only be used on the specified Site

    Cheers, maffsen

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hey Maffsen.

    Thank you for your question. Technically it’s possible however if a user is registered on your main site with one email and another on a sub site, the whole thing falls appart since there is no way to connect the two users.


    Really like the look of MyCred.

    Unfortunately, I am hesitant to activate it on my website
    because I’m not a fan of Badges OS, and much prefer using
    Achievements for WordPress.

    Would it be possible to include “Achievemtents for WordPress” integration in a future MyCred update?

    Good luck on MyCred either way.

    It looks amazing.

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hi CreativeDan

    Thank you for your feedback. myCRED supports what my users requests from me. To avoid picking the wrong plugin, please provide me with a link and Ill be more then happy to have a look at it.

    Hey Gabriel,

    thanks for the reply, i undestand your considerations.
    I don’t know how other installs handle this, but my users are “forced” to register to the main site, so there won’t be any double registrations on the subpages. So this wouldn’t be a problem for me.
    Would love to see this as an optinal add-on

    cheers, maffsen

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hey Maffsen.

    If you send me a Feature Request though our website with some more details on what features you would like to see I would be happy to have a look.

    Hey Gabriel,

    I’m sorry if I accidently offended you. That wasn’t my intent.

    I think you’ve got something really amazing going on here.

    The plugin I was referring to, Achievements for WordPress,
    has got over 37,000 downloads and a 4.3 average score rating,
    and can be found at

    Just asking if you would consider adding it.
    It supports BuddyPress, Invite Anyone, and WP e-commerce,
    three plugins I think you support as well,
    so integration might be fairly easy. Thanks for looking into this!

    The link above overrides my text. sorry. my bad.

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hey Dan.

    There must have been some misunderstanding. No hard feeling here. I might have been a bit short in my answer but thats more to do with stress then anything. It has happend before that I picked the wrong plugin with a simular name so I made a rule to always ask for a link just to be sure.

    Hi Gaberiel,

    I have a couple of suggestions that would be great if they were included.

    1.) The ability to cash out X number of point above a certain level.

    The credits would be deducted and a credit sent to user via one of the payment gateway provider such paypal.

    2.) PayPal Pro as a Payment Provider

    3.) Gateway Support for MarketPress

    4.) Ability to set the sell price for content centrally based on post type

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