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  • I have a friend I am setting up a blog for.

    I uploaded 2.05, installed it without incident. I then began uploading themes and that went fine as well. I also installed about 20 plugins, some of which I copied over from my plugins folder in one of my own blogs. On in particular, mycategoryorder, is a fav of mine.

    I then went to to see how things were looking, starting with the default template. And the oddest error occured underneath the category section. It read:

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘my_cat_order’ in ‘order clause’]
    SELECT DISTINCT link_category, cat_name, show_images, show_description, show_rating, show_updated, sort_order, sort_desc, list_limit FROM wp_links LEFT JOIN wp_linkcategories ON (link_category = cat_id) WHERE link_visible = ‘Y’ AND list_limit <> 0 ORDER BY my_cat_order
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    Whats odd is that I was able to add test categories and order them just fine with the plugin, but that error is still there.

    I am curious what it means and what I may have done to cause it.

    What does anyone think?

    PS: Not all of the themes encounter this problem, but enough do that its troubling.

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    These are the themes that have the errors. I am not sure what they all have in common. Some are widgetized and some are not. The default category calls are different for each one. So I am unable to fine the common thread.

    Would any WordPress Moderators care to log in to the blog as administrator and take a look?

    I would theorize that when mycatorder is first activated, it must be adding a column to a table.

    Is it safe to assume that if you disable that plugin the error goes away?

    Perhaps on a reactivate it’ll add the column.

    If that’s not the case, you might compare the tables in your WP database to hers and see about manually adding the missing column? (phpMyAdmin would be helpful there)

    According to the error, there is an unknown column. Huh??

    I compared my wp_categories to hers, and they appear to be identical.

    Man alive. This is tough.

    Handy, you wouldn’t mind being admin for a few minutes would you?

    And oh yeah, if I disable plugin, the error does not go away.

    OH and I almost forgot, I think I should be shot for not telling you this.

    I had to do a data base import of a backup xml file I made for her. I imported the WordPress XML file and all went smoothly. It is very conceiveable that all of this trouble started then.

    Looking back on it, I noticed that when I went into the default template after the Import and saw the error, I went to the Categories in Admin and saw 12 empty categories. In other words, 12 catogories with no names, only ID numbers. So, I deleted each one and began to re-add some test categories. I assumed the error was because the Category links had id numbers but to names/titles associated with them.

    The import went smoothly. There were no issues.

    NOTE: I repeat, this doesn’t happen on all the themes. Just some;

    If it wasn’t tough, it wouldn’t be worth doing, right? (well, that’s what dear ol’ Da used to say…)

    Disabling the plugin doesn’t cause the error to go away? Distressing…
    Is her blog running wp-cache by chance?

    However, focusing back on the error itself:
    Can you compare your wp_linkcategories and wp_links tables to hers? If you don’t find anything interesting there, and are game to stay up late, perhaps I could pop in and take a look.

    I dont mind ya poking around. If you have yahoo IM add me, spudnutsncoffee

    and yes, I am running bad behavior and wp-cache

    I diabled wp-cache and nothing changed

    Believe or not I may have found the solution.

    I also use My Link Order. And I had not set the links in Admin. When I did, that error went away for all of the blogs it was showing up on. At least so far.



Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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