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  1. jayes89
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have a wp site blog.mtennislessons.com, which is the subdomain of mytennislessons.com. According to everything I've read or been told, Google or other search engines should recognize it as an extension of our parent site.

    For whatever reason it's showing N/A as a pagerank for blog.mytennislessons.com anytime I check it. It's been in existence for well over a year with decent traffic so the page rank situation is confusing.

    Is this a hosting issue? Is this typical of a WP subdomain if the parent site isn't a wp site? Any and all advice would be helpful.

  2. This is not a multisite issue, though I have no idea why pagerank would be NA.

    Where are you checking?

  3. Alin Marcu
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @jayes89 that subdomain looks to have an age of around 5 months (167 days). If that's correct, considering that the last Google toolbar PR update was on 06.12.2013, that's normal.

    Is not an webhosting issue nor a WP one is just there were no new PR updates since your subdomain (new blog) was launched.

    And please don't ask when the new PR update will occur, because it has nothing to do with WP and no one knows that :).

  4. Ah there you go.

    I tend to ignore page rank and put time into better content :) Works out for me in the end.

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