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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    This is a serious deal I am going through.

    I’ll ping someone and ask them. Please be patient, while it may be a simple thing it could be a while before there’s a reply.

    Can anyone from WordPress support team kindly help me with this issue? I really need this information on my profile, this is affecting my professional career when passing on profile link to any agency.

    Please believe me when I write that I’m being sympathetic here, but please do not ever rely on that. Really do not.

    *Drinks coffee*

    WordPress is an open source project and yes, your contributions are valuable and greatly appreciated. Thank you! You rock!

    But the profile page on WordPress.ORG should never be used in that way because it could go away right now and that would be alright. It’s not anyone’s InLink™ page nor is it your CV or resume.

    Just as it is with plugin and theme authors, relying on anything here on WordPress.ORG for sales or professional referrals is very unwise. You will be setting yourself up for failure if you are depending on that page.

    Again, I’m sympathetic to your problem and will ping at least one person about this. But please, do not depend on your profile or use it that way.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    I’m replying again rather than editing my reply just to generate the email.

    If you need to reply in a page like that then consider creating your own contributions page on your own site. Many of the contributors do that and I think trac can be RSS’ed that way. Trac will not be going away anytime soon and that’s one way to display your contributions.

    Your username is not “ankitgadertcampcom”. It is an actual email address, “”. You signed up with that as your username originally.

    So, you can either put in the proper username in your readme files, or you can create a new account with a more normal username and use that account for everything instead.

    Note that we no longer allow people to sign up with bad usernames like this anymore. Lowercase and numbers only. No @’s, no periods.

    I landed here as rtCamp is mentioned. I found this topic interesting as I remember using a plugin many years ago which allowed registration via google apps and it used to create username=email-address.


    By any chance can Ankit’s username be changed for one-time? I think admin team has power to do that. I believe it might be complicated here as is linked with SVN, trac, slack and many more places.

    I think Ankit may not wish to use ankitgadertcampcom or as he is no longer associated with rtCamp?


    If you need temporary access to email address to get this sorted, please let me know. We will arrange that for you.

    Ankit Gade


    @jan: I understand that I should not use the page the way it has been mentioned and I will keep a note of it further.

    @otto: I agree that I can create a new profile and add it’s username to plugin’s so that it will appear on profile. Can you please also let me know if there is any way I can display core contributions and WordCamp speaker badge on my profile as those are equivalent for me that of plugin author’s badge.

    As Rahul mentioned in his message, will it be possible to change my username for one time? It would greatly help me. I’ve created this account when I was reading “Introduction” chapter in “WordPress Bible” book and carried this account forward with different contributions.

    @rahul: I really appreciate your generosity to be so helpful. I will surely contact you if temporary access to this email address will be required.

    Thanks all for taking your time to have attention to this issue. I hope I will surely get positive outcome. 🙂

    Ankit G.

    Usernames in our system cannot be changed. You would need to create a new account. You could then transfer the plugins over to the new account for managing them there.

    WordCamp badges can be adjusted to your new username by the admins of that WordCamp site. That’s an automated thing, all they have to do is to log into that site where you spoke (or whatever) and change the username associated with your speaker information there.

    Core trac posts and mentions cannot be transferred for the same reason we can’t change usernames. The username is an identifier across many different systems.

    That said, some minor data on a new account can be adjusted. I could fix the starting date, and manually add the core contributor badge and such. But, a new account with a normalized user name is the way forward there.

    Ankit Gade


    @otto: Thanks for this information. Though it is not what I was expecting here, I understand complexity of the situation.

    In my humble opinion if usernames in non-noramalized form were not allowed from begining, it should have been prevented from creating user accounts with such usernames OR if this policy has been applied later on, then it is expected to have some provision to carry along data related to such profiles. I would also like to know your opinion here?

    Creating a new profile would be good move, but the core contributions would not get carried along that way, also other activities and data related to current profile will also left behind.

    I think it would be justified to add some provision to overcome this issue as creating a new profile does not seem to be a concrete solution.

    Looking forward to hear back from you.

    Ankit G.

    There is no other way to fix it. Sorry.

    The problem is basically that the username is the connection point for all of the systems, and not all of those systems are “WordPress”. If it was just WordPress, then no problem, changing the username would be easy. But since the username is shared to Trac and SVN and even a MediaWiki, then those connections will be lost if I did so. Basically, those connections cannot be easily recreated.

    The short of it is that you lose everything either way. So you have two choices: Make a new account and username (our system won’t let you make usernames with @ symbols in them anymore, letters and numbers only), or you can live with your current username and the restrictions that come along with it.

    I understand and respect your opinion, but this is how it is. Those are your two choices. There really isn’t a third option.

    The question really is do you want to make the change now, or later. Because eventually, you will lose those connections. We *can’t* change the username. We can create you a new account. That’s all there is, and all I can offer.

    Ankit Gade


    I understand what you are trying to explain, but I would say this is quite unsatisfactory.

    I would repeat, if it was not right thing to do with usernames, WordPress shouldn’t have allowed these kind of registrations and as it did previously, team should help in this situation now. Off course, if you want I can create a ticket on

    Quoting you below.

    The short of it is that you lose everything either way.

    I am just trying to find answer for the question “Why?”, if the system allowed registration with such username it is not completely my mistake, rather it’s a mistake on both ends. I am sure mine may not be the only case which falls under this situation, there may be other people too.

    I am not seeking to add something for me, I just want the presence of those things on my profile which I already did and I already have referred those things in my questions.

    To be honest at this point, I am not looking forward to loose anything related to my profile and if it needs to do that, it will be really a disappointing situation for me! Hence, I am looking forward for any solution from the team.

    Ankit G.

    I’m sorry that you don’t like the answer, but it is the only one you will receive. You have two choices: Continue using your existing account, or make a new one. That’s it. There is no further argument to be made. I can’t just magically “fix” this somehow. I’m sorry that this disappoints you.

    As I said before, you can connect your plugins to your current account by correcting the information in their readme.txt files.

    Alternatively, you can make a new account, switch your plugin’s committers to that new account, correct the readme.txt files, and not have this problem ever again. The WordCamp info can be corrected (by me, if needed) to point to your new account as well. I can even backdate it to have the correct start date.

    This is the most I can offer you. It is the only “solution” to the problem that exists.



    @otto: I made a new profile and added it to readme.txt file, so that plugin author badge is now visible on it. Can you please add WordCamp Speaker badge on it for me as you said previously?

    Anyway, I am going to lose core contributor’s badge, but that will not stop me from contributing to WordPress, I will contribute to WP using new profile so that I can have that badge as well.

    New profile link:

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