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  • Today is the first day of March 2006, as usual, I have released updates for 7 of my plugins and created another 3 plugins.

    If you are frustrated with my messy installation instructions for my plugins, this update is for you. Now for wp-dbmanager, wp-polls, wp-email you just need to upload the whole folder to the plugins folder, upload the main file to the root WordPress folder and activate and it is done. You no longer need to upload different files to different directories and no longer need to run install/upgrade files.

    wp-dbmanager now can empty/drop tables and email backup database to a specified email. Also included is a htaccess file to prevent users from smart guessing your database file name and download it straight off from your site.

    Now you can also view wp-stats and wp-useronline in your admin panel. I have also revamped how wp-stats display stats.

    wp-postratings, wp-postviews and wp-relativedateare 3 new plugins. For wp-postratings if you are using the beta version, please drop your wp_ratingslog table because the final version has a new table name and structure.

    Please check out the changelog for more information.

    WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-DBManager 2.02
    » download | documentation/changelog
    Manages your WordPress database. Allows you to optimize database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database and run selected queries.

    WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-EMail 2.03
    » download | demo | documentation/changelog
    Enable you to send your webblog entry to a friend.

    WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-PageNavi 2.01
    » download | demo | documentation/changelog
    Adds a page navigation with paging elements to your WordPress.

    WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-Polls 2.05
    » download | demo | documentation/changelog
    Adds an integrated poll system to your WordPress.

    WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-PostRatings 1.00 (new)
    » download | demo | documentation/changelog
    Enables You To Have A Rating System For Your Post.

    WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-PostViews 1.00 (new)
    » download | demo | documentation/changelog
    Enables You To Display How Many Times A Post Had Been Viewed.

    WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-Print 2.03
    » download | demo | documentation/changelog
    Displays a printable version of your WordPress weblog post.

    WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-RelativeDate 1.00 (new)
    » download | demo | documentation/changelog
    Displays Relative Date Alongside With Your Post/Comments Actual Date.

    WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-Stats 2.02
    » download | demo | documentation/changelog
    Display your WordPress statistics.

    WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-UserOnline 2.02
    » download | demo | documentation/changelog
    Enable you to display how many users are online on your WordPress with detailed statistics of where they are and who there are(Members/Guests/Search Bots).

    As usual, if there are any problems/bugs/errors, please post it in the forum, so that other users who have the same problem can use it as a reference.

    Thank you =)

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  • moloko


    Great job on these. Many people in the community will be pleased with your updates and hard work.



    You certainly are a wiz! Thanks.



    Thanks a million GamerZ! =) Going to bookmark this biotch quick for future reference purposes.. =)


    Anthony Timberlake


    Thanks, your plugins are definally awsome.

    thanks for the compliment guys =)



    great job – thank you 🙂



    This is eactly what I am looking for my travel blog.

    Yes, thank you! Really a valued resource! I will be coming back to your page a lot!

    thanks for the compliments =D

    Man haven’t dropped by in like a year, but anyways just wanted to drop some words of appreciation for the great work Lester 🙂 Amazong job on the plugins, I’m using a lot of em on my site.

    Just a question though, no pressure or anything, but did you by chance have a tutorial on how you setup the search on your site? I think it’s definitely the best WordPress search integration I’ve seen. I tried some ways to do it but haven’t had much luck.

    ooo the search you mean? It is still based on 1.5.2, I haven’t port it to 2.0. I wanted to release it but definitely people will have problems integrating it into their theme. If u are comfortable with php I can pass u the source code.

    That would be awesome, if you could send the source off to ashhaque[at] that would be awesome =D

    Yes, cool work! I like the PostRanking plugin most.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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