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  • so here are the issues
    1. my posts only post one at a time. when a new one goes up the others go away. even when you click on previous months it only shows one post.

    2. the format of my side panel keeps changing. things keep moving around depending on what size images are in the blog portion. i would like this format to be standard instead.

    a friend of mine designed the blog and set up my theme for me. however, he is nowhere to be found. i dont really know anything about wordpress or coding so i have no idea how to fix these very simple issues.

    anyones help is appreciated.

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  • It’s a little difficult to guess what’s going on because you haven’t provided us with a link.

    (1) I’m going to guess that you’re referring to your home page. If so, it’s likely that the number of posts to display on the home page has been set in Options > Reading.

    (2) No idea what’s happening here since I can’t look … except that if you put too-large images (or anything) in the post area, then they can skew everything else. Try using smaller images?

    My wordpress is also screwed up.

    The menu column that is supposed to be on the right at the top, is actually at the right at the bottom. Does that with the default theme and similar things with other themes too.

    The background is I think supposed to be white or at least have a white border to match the top and bottom bits if you know what I mean, but its mostly grey.

    It had been like that for a while with 2.0.7, just using the default theme, and I thought upgrading to 2.1 would fix things, since the theme is apparently different.

    2.1 didn’t fix things, I tried other themes and they have problems too. Switching off all plugins doesnt fix it either.

    Blog is:

    I would be very thankful for any tips.

    Well I seem to have fixed it myself, I noticed that it was whenever a certain post was included the formatting would screw up. I just opened that post for editing, saved it again and now everythings fine. Thanks anyway.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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