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  • Ok, well i installed wordpress grins on my site, and everything is working fine. exept when im typing my blog, or comment, it wont let me click on the smilies. I’ve re-installed it many times, but it wont work. Anyone know what to do? Thanks.

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  • url please

    well my site is closed right now, im going to open it once im done installing wordpress..but i need the grins to work first..someone told me how to fix this before but i forgot.

    Oh, it shows the smilies pictures, and if i type in the code like say its : 1 2 3 : (without the spaces) it works, it just wont let me click on it.

    I just upgraded my WP this past weekend. I put the WP grins on it, I’m running the newest version of WP. I can click on them in the comments, but not when making a post. Any help would be great, thank you! 🙂

    Never mind! I just cleared out my cookies and it worked. 🙂

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