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My wp doesnt let me login:(

  • I just re-installed windowsXP on my computer, and all the cookies are gone. So, I have to fill the “login” and “password” to access my wp, but it doesnt let me login, and I’m pretty sure I have my username and password correct, cuz I even went to phpmyadmin to see if i filled the right info, and it shows I’m right. So, now i feel frustrated, whats wrong with it??:(

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  • Try changing your password ?

    still doesnt work:( I’m thinking of install wp over again..

    ^It works!! thanks alot, I love you for this:D

    Awwwwww 🙂

    Wait.. I dont wanna secure https, but i’ve already set it, how to change it back? I can’t go in to the Options.

    If you altered wp-includes/vars.php, then download the file and edit it before uploading. That should remove any change.

    (Sorry for the double post but decided this post may be better here)
    Installed WordPress on my local machine yesterday. I’m having the login problem. I’ve tried all the steps outlined here – http://faq.wordpress.net/view.php?p=68. Still no success. After I enter the Login and Password and click OK, the wp-login.php screen reappears. I receive no error messages of any sort, regardless of if I enter a bogus user or an incorrect password or all correct information.
    Vital stats:
    PHP Version 4.2.2
    OS: Windows NT 5.1 build 2600
    Server API: Apache 2.0 filter
    MySQL version: 4.0.1-alpha-nt
    Browser: IE version 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.03422-1633 128bit cipher
    WordPress version: 1.2 “Mingus”
    I have noticed one oddity. If I’m on the index.php page, I can see the test post under “General”. However, if I hold my cursor over the link to the “General” section, the hyperlink reads “http://local/local/wordpress/index.php?cat=1”. Note the double local. However, if I hold my cursor over the “login” link I get “http://local/wordpress/wp-login.php”
    Could that be the source of the problem?
    BTW – I installed Apache/php/mySQL using the latest official release (not beta) of FoxServ.
    A little more information. I can register users with no problem. I see the user appear in the wp_users table but the user cannot login.

    I asked Matt (WP Lead) about an issue that someone else had where there was a // in a path. He stated that the php installation was faulty.
    (Personally I couldn’t get FoxServ working, so I went with Xampp)

    Uninstalled FoxServ, downloaded Xampp. Installed that and got the Error on line 705 on step 3 of the install. Okay, found that error on the forums. Xampp now includes php 5 which doesn’t play well with the last stable release of WordPress.
    Downloaded the latest build of WordPress. Did the install and it works! I’m able to login. Now running php 5 with WordPress ver 1.3-alpha-2.

    Excellent 🙂

    ‘After I enter the Login and Password and click OK, the wp-login.php screen reappears. I receive no error messages ‘ This happens for me too. But I can login if I go to wp/wp-admin/ Why is that and how do I fix wp-login.php?

    Hopefully #3 or #6 here:

    #6 did it. Thanks!

    Hello, I went thru all six steps, they didn’t help me. I can’t load wp-login.php page. :/
    MySQL 4.0.20, PhpMyAdmin 2.5.7
    Thanks for any help.

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