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    Suddenly one of my WP is at its size allotments. The WP folder is at 154 megs with uploads only taking up about 26megs. I’m seeing this:

    public_html/wp/wp-admin/core.7334 14.18 Meg
    public_html/wp/wp-admin/core.923 14.17 Meg
    public_html/wp/wp-admin/core.7207 14.09 Meg
    public_html/wp/wp-admin/core.20187 13.59 Meg
    public_html/wp/wp-admin/core.31010 13.58 Meg
    public_html/wp/wp-admin/core.5308 13.58 Meg
    public_html/wp/wp-admin/core.32266 13.58 Meg
    public_html/wp/wp-admin/core.26299 13.57 Meg
    public_html/wp/wp-admin/core.8811 9.86 Meg

    What the heck are those things? Am I being attacked?

    Nevermind: I found a thread with suggestions. For those reading this, I’m going to delete the files and also add the following to wp-config:

    define('DISABLE_CACHE', true);

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  • Editing the wp-config file didn’t fix the problem. They keep appearing and I’m going to be out of town and won’t be able to manage this everyother day. Any suggestions?




    contact your host.

    Are you sure that the cache is causing those? That looks like core dumps from the OS. No telling what is causing it but it appears that an app perhaps the web server is crashing and leaving the dumps. The provider would analyze them for clues.

    I think it might be a php allotment issue since I had that problem this month as well. Could be a coincidence but I doubt it.

    I will contact my host but I’m sure they’ll say they don’t support WP problems. Still, maybe they can help. I upped the php memory allotment (or at least I think I did) so we’ll see. If the problem goes away on May 1 then I’ll know that’s what it was.

    PHP or apache dumping cores all over your junk isn’t a WP problem…

    Right. What I’m saying is that it looks like I may have hit my PHP limit for the month and that coincided with the core dumps. I’m wondering if the problem will self correct at the beginning of May.

    Yeah, my previous post was confusing.

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