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    Dear sir/madam
    I am updated my site to wordpress 3.7.1 and WP messing me , i am try many methods to slove the problem but can not slove it !
    In my admin, all the category lost, just some mother category left.
    In editor everything normally, but caterogy management and theme messing up !

    is that WP 3.7.1 error ?
    How to do slove problem ?

    Thanks for reading !

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  • you do not understand me, “category disapear from theme, but appear in new post scene editor” and i do not understand why wordpress get this error

    I have a post in my blog with this error.

    In editor sceen: correct !
    In “All Post” : correct !
    In Category Management in admin panel: “Count” correct but display Incorect, it’s just show the mother category without child category !
    In theme: INcorect !
    other panel : Correct !

    From almost wordpress version, 3.6 update to 3.7, and url of the site is: and theme i am using is custome theme, no name and no thumbnail 😀 !

    I am trying debug and var_dump( get_categories($args )); but seem to be empty array(), i think get_category won’t work correctly but wp_dropdow_category seem correct, so i wonder why in admin ( admin not affect by custome theme – i think ) has trouble also, and why just some website have a same problem with me ? And the last thing make me “mass” is WHY ADMIN SHOW THE CORRECT CATEGORY IN EDITOR SCREEN AND OTHER NOT ?

    My website has ~ 2000 index and i do not write it all again, so please help me, if need i can give my SQL also for check !
    Thanks for reply !

    I try to locate the error from, so i switch it to default theme, but error seem to be there, i try to disable all plugin, but error seem there, i try to update by replace all the file the error seeeeem to be there, no way ! so i think SQL has trouble, but why in edit screen correct ? That’s the resion i think SQL has no errror but the code of 3.7.1 !

    Haizzzz !

    You can download my term table to help me check if there’s an error :
    Thansk !

    Clean up do nothing to me, please help me by using taxonomy i’ve gaven before to check if it’s okey !

    i do not know how to do, Sir ! Please help me !

    using the backup make me crazy ! i have 10 posts/day and if using backup i lost so many infomation and posts !

    So at last, i can not understand why wordpress get this error, i am a web deverlopment, not too bad but i have to surrender with this error !

    so if any one can help me, i can gave you my database to check and make sure this is not wordpress core’s error !

    Thanks all !

    okey ! i can restore my sql and all turn to me normal, but i can not restore my posts, the way i do:
    1. restore post and postmeta table => error still !
    2. export in admin and restore in old version: error !

    so please so me how i can restore old version and keep all new posts ?

    PLEASE !

    OKEY !

    I have to restore old version and have to lost my data ! i think wordpress has to think about this error ! And the best way to backup the post in admin !

    Now all turn to be normal ( not the web code or theme error 😛 but loose data in my web )

    Thanks for all helps ! Thanks so much !

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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