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    And I mean this without the slightest disrespect, having not used Expression Engine myself (I’m a cheap-ass), and noting that you recognized that EE has many of the features you requested, why don’t you use EE? This is a sincere question. I’m not trying to be snarky.
    I assume that you know those features are there because you’ve used it, but maybe that’s my mistake. Those might all be on a feature’s list, so perhaps cost is your concern too.
    Over-all though, I agree with some of your suggestions, but would add this:
    Many people would like the features you added, but some of us like things small and sleak. Perhaps the solution would be to offer wordpress “naked”, and then a “standard plug-in bundle” people could download seperately, which would include several of the most frequently used plug-ins. This way, even newbs could use spell-checking and the like with very minor difficulty, and older dogs don’t have to be stuck with features they don’t need.
    Just a thought.

    I appreciate your sincerity and thank you for being kind as well.
    I do possess a copy of EE and that is how I came to see the feature set if has.
    As to why I don’t actively use EE, that is simple. The cost. I was allowed a developers copy in order to evaluate the possibility of becoming a plugin author. I am not allowed to use that copy for a live site, and wouldn’t break my promise to the EE people by doing so.
    Although I understand the very real wish of many people to keep WordPress “mean and lean”, I think this can be taken too far. Some of the features that I wish to see are probably wanting to be seen by other people as well. On the other hand, I agree that some features may be best left to the “plugin” category.
    I think your idea of a “standard plugin” bundle is a fantastic idea, and something I would be extremely happy to see implemented as soon as possible. I have given up hope on a spell checker, and have found one that works as an embedded program inside my browser.
    I continue to hope that the “bundle” or other plugins will mature to the stage where they can be dropped into the plugin directory and work without having to change code by hand in other places.
    My respects to you.

    Thanks. I see your point.
    I think we’re in agreement.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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