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  • now that is a nice site. i love the colors and overall feel of the site.
    the gallery section is very slick and impressive with the effects.
    very nice job!

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    If you have not already, consider trying out the “Super Cache” plug-in…. it’s supposed to help with the load times…

    But yeah.. it did load slowly this evening.

    I have seem new web site.

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    WOW! I love Salsa and I’m honored to be able to critique your site, Chris. You and Jaclyn have got the moves! She is not Latina? That is very hard to believe, she looks and dances like it!

    It did load slowly for me though – I looked at your images and such, and couldn’t figure out why, they weren’t that big. Where are you hosted? That could have a lot to do with it.

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks do much for your comments and help, I am looking at WP Cache to get the load time down, but is there anyhting anyone can see that would warrant such a slow load speed even on fast connections?

    Kindest regards

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    @arrowkey.. Isn’t that spam your posting, seems most of your responses here don’t actually “review” or suggest anything… I guess with me being new I could be wrong but what you doing is selfish.

    On topic: Wow!!

    My first impression are you’ve made wordpress look more like joomla. If I had seen your site elsewhere, I’d assume it was Joomla. The colours are very well used, it brings you content out a-lot. The images are very attractive, they also do alot of good especially with keeping my attention.

    I wish you every success with this fine site, you’ve clearly got a mission and goodluck with that!

    P.s I’d rate this 12 out of 10, it’s that good.

    Thanks a lot for all the help and comments,
    any negative feedback is also welcome 🙂


    Nice Chris, i really love the layout, and the colors just pop! Very nice!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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