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    I have installed your Security Plugin and I followed the suggestion to
    change the prefix on the WP_ file to WP_Cgrp2822 and when I did this all
    the pictures of my websites did not display anymore. My first reaction was
    to transfer back the complete Folder I had backed up several days ago for
    the websites I’m speaking off back to my hosting. Basically overwriting the
    existing ones and I was able to get the images to display on two of those
    websites. Please look at the complete conversation I had with my hostgator
    support guy regarding this matter.

    However one of the 3 websites I speak off I had not yet done a backup but I
    did so much work on it and now the pictures and certain paths do not
    display. Please look at the complete conversation I had with my hostgator
    support guy regarding this matter.

    I really would appreciate your help on this matter to fix the isssue,
    possibly restoring what was done on this specific matter

    Thank you so much and waiting for your reply

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: <>
    Date: Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 3:40 PM
    Subject: Support Chat Transcript

    [Initial Question]:
    (1:17 pm) [System] Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
    (1:35 pm) [Christopher M.] Welcome to HostGator Live Chat. My name is
    Christopher, how can I help you today?
    (1:35 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: Im doing something, hold on
    (1:35 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: let me type
    (1:37 pm) [Christopher M.] Okay go ahead
    (1:41 pm) [Christopher M.] ;Are we still connected?
    (1:41 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: yes man hold the hell up lol
    (1:42 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: Here is the deal, I will type what I have done
    recently and what Im doing that I think may solve the problem. Please do
    not do anything to the website unless told so and please simply evaluate my
    issue and let me know the options to fix it.
    (1:44 pm) [Christopher M.] Okay what exactly is the issue?
    (1:45 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: I have 5 website on my root directory using
    the same hosting account. 3 out of the 5 is, and

    Recently I installed a Security Plugin to my website
    (NOT The other Two) and one of the Recommended Settings of the Prugin was
    to Rename the Database from WP_ something.

    What I did was follow the Suggestion and what I did was to add Cgrp2822 to
    the WP_ value and saved the settings. So the Plugin did something. I’m
    guessing it named the WP_to WP_Cgrp2822. Well whatever it did, my website
    along with the other 2 are no longer displaying pictures and loading really
    slow. Thinking the path of those elements are fucked up due to the WP_
    change because that is the only thing I did.
    (1:46 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: What I then did was, Move over the entire
    Folder that I had backed up 3 days ago to my Root
    Directory and now the works just fine. So I guess it was
    obvious that the change fucked things up lol.
    (1:46 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: Im currecently thinking on doing the same
    thing to the other 2 websites and should fix them
    (1:47 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: my question to you is, am I right on this?
    (1:49 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: Im currently doing the same thing to one of
    the websites and waiting for the transfer to complete. But I want to know
    if what I did was correct
    (1:49 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: Transfered is complete and it looks like is
    working now
    (1:50 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: look at this website compare to the
    wellnessendermologie one
    (1:51 pm) [Christopher M.] Yes you are right on this I would recommend this
    (1:55 pm) [Christopher M.] ;Are we still connected?
    (1:58 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: yes
    (1:58 pm) [Christopher M.] Are you still with me?
    (1:59 pm) [Christopher M.] Was there anything else I can assist you with
    (1:59 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: Yes
    (1:59 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: As long as I follow the steps I just
    suggested, will I be ok?
    (2:03 pm) [Christopher M.] That is correct you may want to make backups
    right now though just in case
    (2:04 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: ok, hey need help
    (2:05 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: I recently started to build a membership and I do not have a backup lol
    (2:05 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: can you help me fix this one so I can do a
    backup once is fix?
    (2:06 pm) [Christopher M.] Fix what on it exactly?
    (2:06 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: well all the data should be inside my hosting
    all I changed was the Database as I explained above. Maybe you can help me,
    the images are not displaying
    (2:06 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: Go to
    (2:11 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: You here?
    (2:11 pm) [Christopher M.] Unfortunately that would be out of our scope of
    support I do apologize. I do recommend you have a developer look into this
    (2:12 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: Oh Really?
    (2:13 pm) [Christopher M.] Yes
    (2:13 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: Any Recommendation?
    (2:14 pm) [Christopher M.] Well i would recommend finding a local developer
    only because it would be easier for them to sit down with you and explain
    it easier rather than just giving it to some one else
    (2:15 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: You are telling me something new, I already
    know this. I need an article, video, steps on reparing a database file
    (2:16 pm) [Christopher M.] For that the PHPmyAdmin will repair database
    (2:17 pm) [Christopher M.] Other than I have no resources on that I do
    (2:18 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: this tool inside the cpanel correct?
    (2:20 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: I know that the not working 100% so not how do I go
    about reparing the database for it?
    (2:22 pm) [Christopher M.] That is correct and in the PHPMyAdmin you will
    see that you are able to repair tables in database
    (2:23 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: i KNOW THE DATABASE FILE FOR THIS SITE IS 56
    (2:23 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: so can you give me a simple idea on how to
    repair it based on what I said on the start?
    (2:24 pm) [Christopher M.] This will show you how
    (2:25 pm) [Christopher M.]
    (2:25 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: ok thanks, question
    (2:25 pm) [Christopher M.] Yes go ahead
    (2:27 pm) [Christopher M.] Are we still connected?
    (2:27 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: on the previous websites I only moved back the
    original Domain Files and not the backed up database file and website
    worked. Meaning that it really do not relate to the database file of such
    (2:28 pm) [Christopher M.] That is correct if that fixed it then it means
    whatever you did not have on the old version is what is causing that issue
    (2:28 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: I only moved back the files
    folder and not the individual Dabase file that I backed up for it and
    website worked again.

    Could it possibly be something else?
    (2:28 pm) [Christopher M.] So the backup files should work
    (2:29 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: well of course it did with the other 2
    websites and I did this like I said by moving the websites files back and
    not the database for it
    (2:29 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: if I mention the plugin to you will yoiu have
    an idea what it was?
    (2:29 pm) [Christopher M.] Correct and what im saying is that this is
    probably something related to your plugins or recent addons
    (2:30 pm) [Christopher M.] I can try
    (2:30 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: well like I said, this is a plugin I have over
    at not at these websites and the changes were made under not the other websites. however the other websites were
    effected by the change
    (2:30 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: Can you try what?
    (2:31 pm) [Christopher M.] You asked if you mention the plugin will i know
    what it is and I said I can try and guess what it is
    (2:31 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: yes
    (2:32 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: hold on
    (2:32 pm) [Christopher M.] Okay no worries
    (2:32 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: WP Security and Option was
    (2:33 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: it says
    (2:33 pm) [Christopher M.] It sounds like a plugin that protects your site
    from being hacked or bruteforces, as well as spam
    (2:34 pm) [Christopher M.] If you would like we have a restore service we
    offer which can be requested at
    (2:35 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: Change the current WP_ table prefix to
    something different
    (2:35 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: so like I said I added the WP_Cgrp2822
    (2:37 pm) [Christopher M.] Unfortunately working with your database is out
    of our scope of support. I recommend either restoring the sites from a
    backup or contacting a developer for assistance. Is there anything else I
    can help you with today?
    (2:38 pm) [Alain Hernandez]: what id I do not have a backup for this
    particular website?
    (2:40 pm) [System] Chat closed by customer request.

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  • Plugin Author Acunetix


    Hello, Alain

    I’m truly sorry to hear about your problems, but…there are some weird things here…

    1. you’re saying you changed the database prefix using the plugin, so far so good, can you please tell me the result of that action? Were there any errors? The plugin will let you know with a message right below the form telling you whether it successfully changed the db prefix or if there were errors doing it.

    2. you’re saying that after the db prefix change you cannot see images in your website…and after you upload the backup files the images were showing again… now that is the most weird thing here, because changing the database prefix has nothing to do with the file system, so I fail to understand how the db prefix change could affect the file system….

    In conclusion, if there were no errors reported by the plugin when you changed the db prefix then nothing should be broken on your websites, so these problems could be related to something else…

    Looking forward to hearing from you


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