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  • The Ali Yildiz is great. But I don’t think that captha is necessary. It stopped me from commenting about WordPress 3.0. Akismet works like a charm 😀

    You are a very capable developer and designer. However, the yellow and black are very strong colors and tend to overwhelm the content, which is well presented. Also, I think the falling snow effect does not help the design. The design has potential but needs to be toned down a bit to be more effective (at least to my admittedly non-expert eye).

    but you didn’t make them i definitely know the secound one you didnt design you bought it from


    good sites

    theme is from theme forest but l do manage so l never sad theme was mine anyway, my new site :))

    You can find theme here if you want

    aliyildiz – took a long time to load, and while am posting the reply, i see that the site is still loading or atleast part of it. It could be due to the background snow effect, however it look good. I like the wptemalari, nice magazine theme, is it a premium theme or a custom one? either way, its really good.

    well almost new year 2010 so snow will stop soon, but just checked and looks ok now. l did include link on previous post for themes, hope helps if anyone interested.

    Very impressive. I like the first one a lot as it is very bold and like nothing I have ever seen before. It certainly will get the readers attention.

    Ali Yildiz is great, very bold and clean. You should mention if you didn’t do the themes yourself though, I got the impression you made both.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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