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  • Hey All,

    I am pretty new to the world of wordpress, yet really enjoy it.
    One issue I’m having, I find that my pages load very slowly. I feel like there could be an issue connecting to the mysql database. Right now I’m hosting with godaddy (they said there’s nothing wrong on their end). but if you go to my site, you’ll notice it takes a while to load. (especially the sidebar)

    any assistance is very very welcome!



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  • Whew and I thought mine was slow. I took out alot of the graphics on my own blog and it helped but still not perfect. I waited over one minute and your site still did not load for me, but if you have alot of grapics on there, that might be one issue but of course, it could be many.

    Mine is still not were I want it to be and finding my host GATE is somewhat useless in fixing anything.

    I removed the dashboard area in the admin but still finding thats a problem with loading. Starting to think its more of an issue on WP’s end or the pingomatic setting.




    it loaded fairly quick for me — and what a nice site too 🙂 (w/o checking validation issues, that is, or looking in ie)

    spab is right about the images though; scripts, flash files, and other similars will also bog down sites.

    plug your url into here:

    see what comes back, you’ll be surprised, or not. :()

    I don’t think I use that many images where the site should be as slow it is. I’m wondering if it has to do with my mysql server??? should I be with someone else instead of godaddy?

    I’m really concerned i’m lowing readers because of the slowness of my site.


    Lol, with what you have, a 56k modem user will need more than 2 minutes to see the dang thing.

    Fixing/tweaking a mysql db won’t change the image sizes.

    Seriously, try the URL whoo gave you already.




    emalem, using wordpress 2.0, as you are, (you need to upgrade,btw) do this:

    put the following in your footer.php

    queries:<?php echo $wpdb->num_queries; ?> | seconds:<?php timer_stop(1); ?>

    that will tell you how many mysql queries you are performing, and the load time that PHP sees


    thanks – i tried the url and it has some recommendations that I will definietly be taking into account.

    additionally, in terms of upgrading- i’m aware i’m using an older version of WP. the reason that I Haven’t upgraded is that i’m terrified of screwing something up, erasing everything – so i haven’t worked up the courage yet to upgrade.

    HandySolo – it’s been six years (mabye more) since i used a modem! interesting point – i honestly have never even considered designing for people with dial-up. i probably should take that into account.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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