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    Hi friends!

    My WordPress site and ‘wp-admin’ is not loading…
    This problem is occuring after a little editing to functions.php,
    when i go to these addresses ( and, a white blank page is displaying.
    How can i troubleshoot the problem?
    Please help!

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  • That could really be anything. We would need to know what you added/deleted in your functions.php file. PHP is touchy. For example, if you even added so much as one blank space before your opening php tag in that functions file, the site would go completely white like that.

    Always make a backup before you go changing any file.

    Try re-uploading a fresh copy of your theme to wp-content/themes using FTP.

    hi! racer x
    I just tried to add a new sidebar to my theme…
    I have copied the whole original code in notepad as a backup, but after editing the functions.php when i pressed update button screen goes blank.
    After that nothing is loading.

    As esmi said, try re-uploading your theme via ftp. If you have the original functions.php file in your notepad backup, then you can try just uploading that one file via ftp.

    I tried as esmi said but the server is not accepting the user name and password i entered to login.

    Can you get into your hosting account and update the FTP user/password info?

    Hey! racer x

    Actually, my domain name and website hosting account is registered by a third party.
    I just paid them to host my website.

    You need to contact your hosts regarding any issues with your FTP login.

    esmi !

    Do you have another idea?

    If you can’t log into your wordpress admin area and do not have FTP access there is no way to modify anything.

    Even if you had a third party set up your domain and hosting they should still be able to grant you FTP access unless you had some other kind of agreement?

    Okay then!
    I will contact my hosts for access to FTP.
    Thanks to all!

    Sorry, I should have clarified, I meant the “third party” that set up your hosting should grant you access. Your hosting will give you some issues because you do not have the proper credentials to ask for this information.

    Thanks! racer x
    I understood!

    I added a piece of code to the functions.php file today in aid of supporting another plugin today and that stopped my site from loading (white screen). What I had to do was (via FTP); discard the local functions.php file and download it again from the server and remove that bit of code that caused the malfunction. So pay attention ‘Discard local file, download it again from ftp, edit it anew, and upload’. Your truly.

    @markusday: As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. This topic is 9 months old & references an older version of WordPress.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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