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  • I just made an error on my website that has taken me 4 months to make. I’m now panicking that I may have lost the work.
    I wanted to temporarily take the site offline and so I went into Settings/General and there are two boxes for my URLs, a WordPress one and website one. Don’t ask me why but I changed them from to http://www.thebookonforextrading.c thinking this would take the site offline and I could bring it back later.

    Of course when I now try to get back to my admin page I get an error message saying server not found.

    Can anyone please help me undo this madness or have I lost everything?

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  • Do you have (FTP) access to the installation folder om your server?
    You can probably undo the changes by editing your .htaccess file or wp-config.php file.

    Good Luck!

    Yes I have access to my Control Panel and File Manager. How do I open these files, what with?

    do not mess in wp-config.php or .htaccess

    you need open functions.php in working theme and then

    FTP to the site, and get a copy of the active theme’s functions.php file. You’re going to edit it in a simple text editor (like notepad) and upload it back to the site.

    Add these two lines to the file, immediately after the initial “<?php” line.


    Use your own URLs instead of, as you had it before obviously.

    and then save the file and upload it back.

    Load the login or admin page a couple of times. The site should come back up.

    Repeat the above steps, but remove those lines. IMPORTANT: Do NOT leave those lines in there. Remove them immediately after the site is up and running again.

    Ah, thought these lines where in the wp-config file. Great solution govpatel!

    Hi Govpatel,
    Sorry for the late reply I’ve been away for a couple of weeks on hols.
    I don’t know where to find the functions.php file. Would you consider doing this for me please?



    I’ve found a functions.php file in my Headway theme. I’ve double clicked on it and opened it in Notepad. Here is the content. Can you pls add in what I need Do I then upload back to headway theme?

    * Defines all of the Headway paths and loads all necessary files.
    * @package Headway
    * @author Clay Griffiths

    define(‘THEME_FRAMEWORK’, ‘headway’);
    define(‘HEADWAYVERSION’, ‘1.6.6’);
    define(‘HEADWAYLIBRARY’, HEADWAYROOT.’/library’);
    define(‘HEADWAYADMIN’, HEADWAYLIBRARY.’/admin’);
    define(‘HEADWAYCORE’, HEADWAYLIBRARY.’/core’);
    define(‘HEADWAYLEAFS’, HEADWAYLIBRARY.’/leafs’);
    define(‘HEADWAYWIDGETS’, HEADWAYLIBRARY.’/widgets’);
    define(‘HEADWAYCUSTOM’, HEADWAYROOT.’/custom’);
    define(‘HEADWAYEDITOR’, HEADWAYLIBRARY.’/visual-editor’);
    define(‘HEADWAYMEDIA’, HEADWAYROOT.’/media’);
    define(‘HEADWAYCACHE’, HEADWAYMEDIA.’/cache’);
    define(‘HEADWAYFOLDER’, basename(get_bloginfo(‘template_url’)));
    define(‘HEADWAYURL’, get_bloginfo(‘template_url’));

    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-data-handling.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-extend.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-functions.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-leafs.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-generator.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-triggers.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-feed.php’;

    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-installation.php’;

    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-elements.php’;

    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-upgrade.php’;

    require_once HEADWAYEDITOR.’/visual-editor.php’;
    } else {
    require_once HEADWAYADMIN.’/admin.php’;

    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-navigation.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-posts.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-filters-actions.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-layout.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-head.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-css-classes.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-comments.php’;
    require_once HEADWAYCORE.’/core-twitter.php’;

    require_once HEADWAYWIDGETS.’/functions.php’;

    if(file_exists(HEADWAYCUSTOM.’/custom_functions.php’)) include_once HEADWAYCUSTOM.’/custom_functions.php’;

    I tried the changes. When I upload it back it is uploading back as functions.php.txt as a text file not an application file.

    Thanks govpatel. Finally did it.

    You welcome you need take them two lines out ones you have your website back

    Done. Thanks

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