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    For a definite site hack, start working through the steps in FAQ My site was hacked.

    Perhaps you’ve already taken some measures because your sites do not necessarily appear to be hacked, when I just visited them. The Zepf site seems to work fine, I am not redirected to the docbiz site. But site check does report that it is full of SEO spam, which must be dealt with.

    Your other site’s permalinks are not working, they all 404. This is often due to a coding error, whether due to a hack or admin error is impossible to tell from my position. site check does not report any issues here.

    Scan your site with any online scanners. are you hosting the site with godaddy ? did you install any plugins recently, especially those from non reputed sites ?

    There are several sites, that provides premium plugins free of cost. But they may add any malicious code to keep track of your activities on the site. so dont install such pirated plugins and themes.

    refer Top WordPress security plugins to trace hacking script

    Hi Bcworkz and manoj007.

    I had to hire on to clean up all my sites. As Mcworkz mentioned it was the SEO bot which got in from an Optimizer press 1 issue. Everything now has been fixed and I am back up and going.

    I am looking for something to harden my sites and secure them. Any recommendations.

    Thank you

    Moderator bcworkz


    Good to hear that’s all been fixed!

    For hardening advice, start with Hardening WordPress. Follow any recommendations that seem appropriate for your situation. The article only briefly mentions security plugins, there are a number in the repository to choose from, which use a variety of strategies. I don’t have any experience with most of them so cannot make any specific recommendations.

    Truth be told, the most important security measures are very strong passwords and being very careful which themes and plugins you choose. Hacks seem to be invariably through one of those avenues.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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