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  • Hello there,

    This has been happening for the past couple of months: Each time I make a post on my site, it will take maybe 5 minutes, other times 60 minutes, and WordPress posts the latest article again. And again… And AGAIN… And it will do so until I notice it, and delete all the duplicate posts. If I forget it or if I can’t sit by the computer waiting for it to go nuts, I can find 20 re-posted copies the next day.

    None of my other (20-or-so) WordPress installations behave this way, so this eliminates the suspicion of some malware on my machine.

    Now, here’s the funny thing: it doesn’t re-post the whole article – just the title. It puts it in the default category and has no tags.

    Once I manually delete the first or second “copy”, the reposting stops. Some days when I didn’t notice it doing this, it would only replicate itself a couple of times. Other days, it never stops…! Until I start deleting the dummy posts.

    Any ideas?

    The problem with this is not that my blog gets these dozens of duplicate posts on MY site. But that EVERYBODY ELSE gets those duplicates! My whole member list, my Facebook friends, Twitter… I’ve had loads of people unsubscribing and bitching me out as a result. It’s like the worst kind of spam because on top of it all it’s absolutely meaningless.

    Oops. It did it just now, 37 minutes after the original post. But the time always varies.

    I’ve posted on a dozen forums looking for some help – but it’s the first time I decided to come here.

    People suggest that it’s a plugin that misbehaves. Could be.

    OK. My plugins are: Akismet, CataBlog, EasyAdSense (disabled), fbLikeButton, GD Star Rating, Google analytics for WordPress, OnlyWire for WordPress, platinum SEO Pack, Raw HTML Capability, TinyMCE Advanced, WordPress Tweeter (disabled), WordPress Video Plugin, WP-Feedburner and WP125.

    I’ve suspected all of them and have written to each company, but the ones that answered me all insist that it CAN NOT be THEIR plugin. Someone else’s. LOL

    My biggest suspect for a while was OnlyWire, but they insist it’s impossible for their plugin to instruct my blog to write a post again – within my blog. Or even just its title.

    I’m linked to aWeber too, but that, again, can’t be the culprit. I spoke to them at length and we concluded it couldn’t be them either.

    Does anyone here have an idea of what I could try?

    I’d go for re-installing but I don’t know how to import everything but the posts and core data. I’ve tried a half dozen different themes. I tried moving to another host. No change.

    If you need to look at the site, it’s

    Big big thanks in advance for any help or ideas you can throw my way.

    cheers, thank you

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  • 1) Turn off ALL PLUGINS

    2) Revert to the default 2010 theme.

    Honestly? It can ALWAYS be a plugin. Any plugin conflicting with others can cause unexpected shenanigans. Turn ’em all off.

    Thanks. Yea, I was afraid you’d tell me that, hehe…

    Might you have a better M.O. than this:?
    1 – I turn them all plugins off, make a post, wait n see
    2 – Assuming that it will then work OK, I can turn ONE plugin back on
    3 – Wait till next time when I post, and if all ok, re-enable the next one
    4 – and so on.
    With 15 plugins, that’s some 15 days of one long n lazy debug!

    Also, some of the plugins are responsible for page formatting which, once I disable them, will all fall apart. I wonder if it will re-re-format itself once I turn them back on…

    Of course I could post 15 times in one day, and just have one long day of headache… lol.

    A bright idea for speeding the whole process up and making it more efficient would be most appreciated!

    Thanks for your reply & help

    Nope. That’s what you do.

    Seriously. When any program (shell script to WordPress) shows unexpected behavior, you strip it back down to the components. Does it work on THIS server without ANY errors? Yes? Okay.

    Welcome to troubleshooting 101.

    Thanks m8

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