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  • All my entries, comments, categories and design is GONE from September 8th, 2005 on.

    All the draft entries I had been saving back in September are back. All of my old categories that have since been deleted are back.

    The only thing that remains is the upgrade … but it looks like the wordpress reverted back to the time that I upgraded from 1.2.

    I checked my blog earlier this morning – it was fine. I posted an entry – it was fine. I left, came back 5 hours later and all of a sudden it’s September again.

    I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary (just logged in, wrote, published and logged off).

    Help!! I have no idea what to do!

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  • Even weirder? All of the email I have recieved SINCE September just got resent to my email address…..

    Also, my site is

    Check with your host…. sounds to me as if they had to restore from old backups for some reason – such as a hard drive failure or something. I guess you didn’t have a recent database backup?

    If this was a backup/recover by the host, you really want to ask why they didn’t have something more recent. Also, you might check either google cache or the wayback machine to see if you can recover some of your in-between posts….

    I have also had a similar problem. I posted to the blog approx 5 hours ago everything was normal at that time. As of 5 minutes ago the blog reverted to May 4 2005.

    The dashboard shows two drafts that are correct. The recent comment list is correct and so are the blog stats.

    There is a very long list of of scheduled entries, all after May 4 obviously but it appears as though some are missing.

    I’m about to get a hold of my host to see what they have done on their end.

    Wonder if you guys are on the same host….

    I doubt it, my host is based in the Philippines although the servers they use are in Dallas Tx I believe.

    I just threw up a support ticket on the problem.

    The thing that puzzles me is why entries after the reverted to date (May 04) are listed as scheduled entries. If the host did a backup to an old date it would seem those entries wouldn’t exist. And the two drafts would have also disappeared.

    BTW, there is three blogs under my domain and all three reverted to May 04, 2005.

    Another thing I just noticed: When I posted the two entries five hours ago I also did a minor design change (Deleted a small section of sidebar) and that change is still appears.

    The problem is solved at least on my blog. JenKnee28 still has a similar problem it looks like.

    In my case the host reset server around noon but they failed notice that the internal server clock was reset back to May. This has affected the way cPanel and mySQL runs.

    They re-synched the server clock and everything else is running fine.

    I’ve been trying to contact my host for 2 days … they wont return my calls or emails.

    Hopefully, it’s a similar problem…but I’m starting to lose all faith in my host.

    Hopefully, it’s a similar problem…but I’m starting to lose all faith in my host.

    48 hours for a problem of that size!! I would have lost faith after 6 hours or less, time to search out another host.

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