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    Hello every time my post are published on facebook when my clients followers friends etc click on them to read them goes directly to some sore of search engine spam with casinos and errors does anyone knows why ? what i have to do?


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  • How are you sharing your posts to facebook or twitter? Are you using a plugin or does your theme do this automatically?

    Hello there thanks for answering me and asking …

    first i had the jetpack plug in that automatically shares all my post wherever social media i choose to connect with my wordpress so then i turned that off thinking it was some issue with the plugin and started copying the url and then posting them onto facebook and twitter but looks like i wasn’t the plugin either because same thing is happening … and i totally don’t know what to do because this how my followers and clients get to see what i don’t post on my facebook fan page

    Can you post a link that you would typically share as an example where this is happening?

    for example this is the WordPress Original Post

    then i share that link on twitter or facebook and goes directly to this Search Engine

    Is this your site? Have you disabled all plugins and tried the default theme? What about WP-Site-Protector that is showing in your footer?

    I Disable everything put them back the site protector plugin is the only one that works perfectly with all themes so is not the themes either :S i tried changing themes fixing my CSS changing my self hosting folder i re-designed my blog about 4 months ago and worked perfectly nothing wrong until suddenly well this came out

    Maybe others can give some advice but to me, it sounds like you have some malware somewhere on the site but you come up clean using If you just go to facebook and paste that url in that you posted, it should not redirect unless something on the site is telling it to.

    :0S well thank you so very much really appreciated your help have a lovely night

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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