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  • Hi all,

    as the title already suggested my website ( has been hacked. First I found out that my google adsense was giving me all kinds of weird ads about viagra, xanax, valium, … Secondly, through Google’s webmaster Tools I found out that Viagra was actually the first keyword on some of my pages. As I couldn’t see anything in my source code, I dived in a bit deeper with Google’s “Fetch as Googlebot” and I found loads of links in there…

    Then I found all kinds of folders in my root folder with some textfiles, files without extension and two php files, which shouldn’t be there, so I kicked those all out.

    I also kicked out a info.php in my themes folder (which was never there), which only consisted of:


    I also deactivated my plugins one by one, everytime updating the report of Googlebot, without any change in it.

    I’m afraid that my website is too infected that I will have to start all over again from a fresh wordpress install, but that is something I wouldn’t like to do as I am not the biggest technician and it was already a miracle for me to get this far.

    Is there anyone who has experience with this kind of attack?


    Paul Olyslager

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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