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  • JustHost shut my website down because, according to them, I exceeded 10% of server resources. I hadn’t made any changes recently, and I don’t get that much traffic :^(

    Here is what JustHost says:

    There may be a memory leak in your scripts or something similar. WordPress blogs can be extremely resource intensive if you happen to experience a surge in traffic. Poorly implemented wordpress setups can place a high load on webservers and lead to interruptions of service or account suspensions for using
    too many resources (we at JustHost allow up to 10% of CPU resources and up to 50 concurrent mysql connections). Here are some tips that can help you make your wordpress install more stable:

    I’ve unblocked the account for the IP Please make necessary changes in order to solve the problem and contact us when all is done. We will unblock your account totally so visitors of your website will be able to access it.

    As I see your script used 65% of CPU resources, and I assume that the
    installation of WP was the reason, please read following tips:
    How to prevent your wordpress installation from overloading your shared server (or how to survive the digg effect on your wordpress blog):

    I have no idea what a leak in a script refers too.

    Anyone have some ideas about how I should proceed? Have you experienced this problem too?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Unless you have hundreds of categories and tags and thousands of posts and get a traffic surge, the idea that WP uses 65% of the CPU most of the time is just an excuse from a low quality host.

    WP will spike that high at times, but hosts should know and be able to deal with any site – wordpress and anything else – spiking the CPU through usage or traffic.

    You can try WP Super Cache with php caching (not mod rewrite) to cut down on CPU usage. Clean out your databse, too:

    Or try

    We have a dozen pages, and have never had more than a dozen site visitors in one day according to Google Analytics. Just Host has erroneously taken our web site down 3 times previously and have given us credit and apologies in each case, but they just don’t seem to be terribly professional. It seems that every couple of months someone working midnights gets bored and creates problems for something to do.


    Moderator Mark Ratledge


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    I’d find a new host, like

    Yeah, we may end up doing that, even though we don’t need the hassle right now. Hosts should be invisible, and I know way too much about these guys customer support workings than can be healthy in a business relationship.

    BTW, you don’t work for Blue Host, do you?

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    No, I don’t work for them, but have worked on lots of WP sites hosted there, and they are about the best of the inexpensive shared hosts. And pretty much invisible until you need them.

    Thanks. I’ll look at their services.

    I have inmotion hosting and have the same problem. Is bluehost really good and worth the hassle of moving my site to them? I have around 1.500 entries. Does anyone know if bluehost would allow more cpu usage or just complain less than inmotion hosting?


    Although switching a host may help, and may be something you want to consider, switching hosts, or upgrading server features, etc., is no substitution for proper optimization.

    Review and implement the suggestions given here:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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