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  • Mindful Musings – My personal blog, testing tool, labor of love, place to rant and a treadmill for peaceful ideals and secular visions. Mostly consisting of stories of my life. Located at
    WordPress Tools Collection – A weblog scripts, tools, programs, design, research and criticism blog. I blog about everything I know about blogging on this blog. Heh! Located at
    Jennifer and Mark’s Moblog – My moblog, crafted from WordPress, run with a custom script that extracts pictures from SprintPCS emails. I use a Sanyo 8100 (so does Jennifer, my girlfriend) and barely ever log into the admin of this blog. Run completely from automatic scripts. Located at
    WuhWuh 0.1 – My “completely hacked” version of WordPress. This is designed to be a primer to the already excellent WordPress This blog is also a testing ground for new hacks and mods from other authors. Not saying much else about this blog. Located at
    I started blogging in July of last year. I had started with b2 and moved to WordPress in about 2 months. I liked the experience so much that I could not keep myself from getting personally involved. Blogging is a bug in and of itself, WordPress just makes the illness worse! 😉

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  • The moblog is very impressive. You wouldn’t by chance have any notes posted somewhere about it’s development/design? 🙂

    Sure they are. Most of the excess stuff like categories and titles have been stripped out to prevent warnings. The Sprint script is readily available from and is being worked on all the time (thus the difference in size of pictures). It will have a clickable thumbnail gallery sometime. 🙂

    Mark has a lot of great hacks and blogs about some pretty interesting stuff on his Mindful Musings site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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