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  • I have made some blog posts but are unsure if my blog will automatically make a “previous entries” page or not once I have a lot of posts. I have a huge front page and it hasn’t yet. Will I have to make it? the site is:
    Please advice on what to do or check. Thanks ahead of time!!

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  • That depends on your WordPress setting and your theme. Go to Setting -> Reading to see how many blog posts to be displayed on one page. I think the default is 10 and since you have only 9 posts so far, you won’t see the link (given that you are using the default setting).

    It could also be that you theme doesn’t support the link (most themes do), open your theme’s index.php and see if you can find next_posts_link (and previous_posts_link) in it, if it’s there, you are go to go.

    Also another person with a similar question had really meant that they wanted a section linking to archived posts, such as a list of categories, a list of months, or a list of recent posts….

    Those would be in your Theme so start there. Also be aware that if your Theme supports dynamic sidebars, and you have widgets in use in your sidebars (which might be the default) then you won’t see what would normally be in your sidebar. So look at your sidebar.php and see if what you want is there (a list of archives, categories, or recent posts)….if so, but they are not displaying, check to see if you are using widgets (in 2.5 it’s under Design >Widgets, older versions have it under Presentation>Widgets) and remove the widgets. Or use Widgets that do what you want if the opposite is true (your sidebar.php does not have the code to display archives but you have a Widget that will)……

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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