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  1. godsgift1973
    Posted 7 years ago #

    My WordPress Hacked with Hidden Spam Injection when I was using v 2.0.2 of wordpress. (Google already indexed my blog including all spam links and text for my site. Also I do see some irrelevant adsense ads (payday loan, drug etc) on page which used to get relevent ads)

    Later, I updated wordpress to 2.5 but that didn't fixed the issue as I coundn't find the hidden text and links in my post or in database.(I came to know by Google Cached index page of my blog)

    Again I updated to wordpress 2.5.1 version. (I changed theme as well) But since then Google didn't index the site so I am still not sure about removal of hidden text and links. Any wordpress guru... wound you mind going through http://tinyurl.com/5al592 and check about spam text link and text still exist? Thanks a lot.

    You can see spam text using google, Site:<My blog> payday.

    Also, How can I ask Google to re-index clean pages?

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