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  1. mikep6321
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey guys I need some help. Every time I go to edit my WordPress website it crashes my Firefox Mozilla. It says the program (Firefox is not responding) I thought it was because I had used most of my 40gigs of hard drive but I purchased a 2 terabit external. Then I thought it was because of my ram but I added another 512 for 1 gig there.

    I have not problem with any web site . I can download large files. I can view multiple web sites and flash files and my own web site but when I go into edit page then it begins locking up my Firefox. The website youthvolleyballorg.com is not complicated as I am just in the developmental stage. No big files just some merchandise pictures and a few html s. i want to bring over some fancey flash buttons and flash files to make it more interesting but this is a problem just to try to work on it.

    I have Qwest, my internet provider, hosting the site. They have been great. The tec at Qwest thinks I have malware on my computer but I run my anti-malware programs and my anti-spyware programs and they come back clean. This is problem only occurs when I go to my edit page in WordPress and it does not matter if my WordPress is the only program open.

    Any ideas on how to solve my problem.


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