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    I’ve been working on my website today and made a minor change to a footer because it was displaying an ad.

    All of a sudden my site is now just a blank page. I can’t even get into admin controls and make changes.

    Everything is gone. HELP!!!!!!!

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  • essaysnark


    It sounds like you were editing the PHP files? If so, even a tiny typo can cause the problem that you’re experiencing. You should restore a backup of your theme’s files onto the server using FTP. Try just replacing the one file that you were editing into the theme’s folder /wp-content/themes/YOURTHEMENAME

    If you don’t have a backup, then what you can do to get access again is go onto the server via ftp and rename the name of the currently-active theme folder – something like themename-old. This will force WordPress to activate the default theme. That should let you into the admin backend and then you can go from there.



    Another good thing that you can do to find what the actual error is is to edit your wp-config.php file and change:

    define('WP_DEBUG', false);


    define('WP_DEBUG', true);

    That will show you the error messages and tell you what went wrong. Just remember to change it back when you’ve finisehd your changes!

    Oh… You might already be doing this, but jsut in case – you should make changes like that in a child theme. The advantages are that your changes won’t get wiped out by any updates in the future, and in a case like this you can use FTP to delete the footer.php file from your child theme and WordPress will revert back to using the unmodified footer.php file from the parent theme allowing it to work again.



    I have accidentally changed the name of the website when doing an edit to a permalink.

    Can anyone assist me with this? I can’t access wp-admin, it just errors. What do I have to do to access the FTP?



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    @danbenja – please start your own thread – your issue is not the same. You can do so here:

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