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  • I had someone build me a website with wordpress. Did not get to pick the theme. Now its not finished, But its running don’t know if I should just scrap it and hire someone else. I just want a critic whats good whats bad is it worth fixing(customizing) or is the template just bad?

    Would love any ones opinion.

    I am a very critical person. At first thought it looked good now I am questioning myself.

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  • I wouldn’t say your site is ugly, but it could use some minor things to make it better.

    I think a black background for picture sites it the way to go. It shows off images better than white. However, reading text is another matter. On your Bio page the text is too small and you should consider a sans-serif font.

    Your news page with red and gray text is very hard on the eyes and would get tiresome quickly.

    Good luck,

    I am grateful for your help. I am new to wordpress and I am scared I am building an unprofessional and ugly site, Because I liked the layout.

    Both things you mentioned were exactly the same as my friend on facebook just said also this morning. So that really lets me know that should be the two first things done.

    looks alright just needs some improvments..

    I am trying to figure out the css code to fix the top tim thumb on the gallery photo that keeps chopping up images.
    Also have to fix the Bio color and font the band list.
    Fix Blog The Red is to bright but don’t know what I should do because thats the theme maybe change it to white.

    What else would you suggest to improve? Would love the help?

    Few things i noticed that look out of place:
    1. The glow on the logo doesn’t go with a comparatively clean website theme.
    2. The Blue color+glow when I hover over links is a little too hard on my eyes.
    3. Also there is an unnecessary left margin on the twitter feed.

    The logo I am thinking about making a new one

    The bad thing is I was thinking about changing the logo to blue and the site to black and blue because I thought the Red was hard on the eyes LOL

    don’t know how to fix the twitter feed tryng to use jetpacks version but jetpak will not connect

    Thanks for the help

    rudy tabuty


    Your site is looks good…
    hey some one please tell me, can I convert my blogger site to wordpress??

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    @rudy tabuty
    please start a new topic for your question.

    rudy tabuty


    @alchymyth: Ooops! Ok sorry bro, I ll creat new topic.. I am sorry I am newbie here just register about 20 minutes ago 😀

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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