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    We can’t access it and it is only coming up as a site. My host still shows it active, can you help??

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    Looks like the nameservers are set to WordPress.COM:

    Did you change those? Where is your site hosted?

    I found out that my domain has expired. I received a notice 4 months ago and forgot about it – it seemed a bit early to be warned about it expiring. I expected another notice closer to the expiration but never received anything. Now I learned today it has expired. The domains are pointing at
    I read about Domains Expiration and it only suggests I go on the Dashboard but I can’t access it.

    Can you do anything to get this fixed. I want to renew my domain and set it up that this never happens again. I have built my organization around my domain. I need this fixed asap.



    Then the first step is to renew that domain.



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    No, we cannot do anything to help with this as WordPress.ORG has nothing to do with domain names, and is completely separate from WordPress.COM .

    Where is your site hosted? Where was the domain name registered?

    HOW??? I have been on this all day but can’t find who or where I get this fixed.



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    Calm down and answer the questions so we can try to get it sorted.

    Domain name maintenance is solely the responsibility of the domain owner. Auto-renew is many times a prudent option.

    Registered through: Automattic
    Created on: 25-Feb-12
    Expires on: 25-Feb-13
    Last Updated on: 12-Jun-12

    Contact support at for assistance on re-registering your domain. Information: Domains ยป Domain Expiration

    Note the section labeled “Grace Period”. It may still be advantageous.

    My website manager will come and explain where we are. Hopefully she can explain things in a more technical way than I can.

    I am a friend of BCGG2, I can answer questions. The issue she is having is not finding a place in wordpress to renew the domain. There is no dashboard if you log onto pilotsnpaws canada. I am unfamiliar with and I have the dns servers I want to change it to but can not find where. I saw via a whois that the domain reg was a wildwest domains or somethin? But I now understand it is automattic

    I thought it was on auto renew. This has all caught me off guard for sure.

    the biggest issue is trying to find where to change the dns servers

    Wilma2 is our website manager



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    Since your domain name is (or was ) registered with .COM, you must still have a valid user account with them – you’d manage your domain through your dashboard on WordPress.COM – see:

    If you don’t have that access information, see:

    Account Recovery

    I am logged into the dashboard now but the issue is there is no “store” option I am wondering if it is a rights issue. As all I see is Dashboard, profile and personal settings

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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