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  • Hi there

    I have a problem that my website is redirect to a spam page and even the admin page. I ran a scan via cpanel and it says

    the file


    how can I solve this.

    thanks in advanced

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  • Hi @majedjo1,

    Providing a solution to this would need more information from your side. What is your website address? Is this a custom link that you’re trying to add? Is that within the scope of a theme or plugin? IF yes, what theme/plugin?

    This should be typically be a character escaping issue. If the website section where you’re trying to output/display the link strictly escapes HTML entities, issues like this may arise. However, only after more details are shared something definite could be suggested.

    Moderator Steven Stern (sterndata)


    Forum Moderator & Support Team Volunteer

    Get a fresh cup of coffee, take a deep breath and carefully follow this guide. When you’re done, you may want to implement some (if not all) of the recommended security measures.

    If you’re unable to clean your site(s) successfully, there are reputable organizations that can clean your sites for you. Sucuri and Wordfence are a couple.

    Hi @aniash_29

    the website is moeen(dot)org

    thanks in advance

    thanks @sterndata but it’s not helpful at all since I can’t login into admin panel

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