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  • I actually ‘ran into’ your blog last night. VERY well done, pleasing to the eye.

    BTW, does BLIX naturally ‘wrap’ the text around your photos like you have in your posts, or is that a plug in? It’s very ‘neat’ looking.

    The theme looks good.

    Thanks moshu…is there one specific plug in that acheives what Bhooshan has in is blog?



    I definately like the look and feel of the site. Can’t you use your PERMALINKS to get rid of the “/new” folder? Or maybe that was intentional:)

    wow, great use of colors. Very clean and bold looking. Something different is always nice.

    Thanks everyone 🙂
    Healthgurl sorry for my late response but I almost forgot that I had started this thread here. I hope moshu’s links might have provided the answers. And how did you ‘run’ into my website a day prior to the launch? 🙂

    Hot-SS, thanks for the appreciation 🙂

    EncryptDesigns, it’s always nice to tell people where you’re leading them to and hence this permalink function. It’s also better if you want to refer the page link to someone. Easy to remember 🙂

    bob46802 thanks for this lovely comment. I like doing clean and bold stuff, just the way you’ve put it 🙂

    BTW in case everyone’s wondering about the header picture let me tell you something about it. Those sunflowers were blooming high above the mountains, in a monastery at Leh (Ladakh, INDIA). I have shot the picture myself 🙂

    Sorry to add this later but does anyone know a good and easy to use photo-gallery plugin which can integrate seamlessly into my present website theme? I want to display my work/portfolio.

    >>I found your site ‘pre announcement’ while I was searching on ‘blix’ in google, looking for other design options.

    We’re in vastly different time zones, so my ‘last night’ is your tomorrow… 🙂

    I like your site very much. The Blix theme is really a very lovely theme in which to build upon.

    I’ve noticed <– or –> floating around your pages, where I think you’ve attempted to comment out particular coding. I’ve read that you can’t comment <– whatever–> inside another comment <–what–> and have both of them work. Maybe you’ll want to check that out.

    Well done. I liked reading your articles.

    That’s true HealthGurl and keep visiting my blog for more 🙂

    Hey Katie1 thanks for your kind words of appreciation. Please do keep visiting my blog frequently. Also could you please let me know which page you saw the <– or–> coding? I would want to have a look at it. Being a designer (and not a developer) I sometimes comment codes, just in case something goes wrong and I have to jump back to the earlier version 🙂

    I have written to Dr. Dave regarding his Spam Karma 2 (SK2) plugin. I am getting an error ‘Can’t fetch comments’ in my admin panel and I can’t seem to moderate the comments. I am wondering what the issue would be but I want to resolve all of these gray areas pretty quickly so that the user experience is not hampered 🙁

    No probs…

    down the bottom of the page –>

    Hey thanks a lot Katie but I couldn’t see the ‘–>’ commenting anywhere 🙁

    Don’t know why but there was a commenting issue earlier where I had put ‘previous’ and ‘next’ page codes under comments (after I installed paginate plugin) and I could see it but none of my friends could. I finally had to remove them completely from the page to avoid embarassments.

    However, I will recheck again on some other systems to verify your claim O:-) Thanks a ton for everything and do keep visiting my blog as often as you can 🙂

    It’s very pretty, clean, and pleasing. I like it.

    Thanks Rense O:-)

    All this was possible because of some inspiration from the net and some angels over here at WordPress Forums O:-)

    Please let me know more about how you liked the site 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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