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    Your site is not responding so I suggest you contact your hosting company and check your DNS for the domain.

    first when i wanna login in to my admin panel on my WordPress website it takes a while and after a couple of minutes it shows connection error (server not found)
    if it accidentally get in then
    if i wanna edit any post i can’t, whenever I click on anything it shows it is loading but nothing happen and only shows server not found
    for cross checking i open cmd on my pc and
    enter ping
    and it shows Request timed out 4 times
    and after that the end results Packets: Sent=4 Lost =4 (100 % Loss)
    and for more i check my website condition on
    and it shows some time it’s just me and some times it’s for everyone

    Where is your site hosted? Have you asked them about this?

    on godady i have contacted them online and after that what they replied

    Thank you for contacting Online Support. After reviewing your account your domain and hosting are configured and functioning properly and resolve to a live site to the correct IP address, and your Admin login page loads correctly.

    In reviewing your site we are currently unable to duplicate the issue you are experiencing. I have also tested your hosting plan and am able to confirm that there are no known issues that would cause what you are describing.

    We understand this does not signify that no issues exist but without being able to duplicate what you are describing it is extremely difficult to verify the root cause of the issue. If you are seeing this occur intermittently, and believe this is related to a server-specific issue, we recommend that you contact our Support team by phone when the problem is occurring. This will allow us to troubleshoot the issue in real time.

    If you would like us to review your issue further please provide additional information regarding your current issue including any error messages, domain names, screen shots or URL’s related to the incident. Please also try to reproduce your issue through another network and Internet Service Provider.

    Earlier, your site would not even load – which is also what Jan reported above – so that seems to suggest something server related, though intermittent.

    Now it’s working – are you able to access the login here:

    What happens if you try logging in?

    yes I’m able to access my admin panel with all of it’s controls but my website is not loading properly…..
    it loads half ..or i can say not load properly….
    and when I’m trying to ping my website address it shows
    request timed out
    request timed out
    request timed out
    request timed out
    Packets: Sent = 4 Received = 0 Lost =4(Loss 100%)


    Are you still having issues accessing your site? If there are times when other services are telling you it’s inaccessible, there is definitely something up. Would you be able to run a traceroute and reply to that email you were sent with the results of the trace? Be sure that you run the trace during a time when the site isn’t loading for you. I’d like to take a look at what’s going on.

    If you do send the trace, please reply here so I will know to look for it.


    Thank You Very Much to all for help…my problem has been solved and now I’m back in business.

    I just had the same issue. GreenGeeks said it was my ISP provider. I called ISP and they insisted it wasn’t them. I called a friend with the same ISP provider and they could access my website from their IP address, so the issue was IP address. ISP allowed me to change my IP once and they did it from their end. As soon as IP address was changed, I could log in to my wordpress website and admin panel. When I asked ISP’s technical support what they thought it could be, they had no idea.

    Anyway, if you have trouble accessing your website or it’s admin panel and your browsers keep saying “connection timed out”, try to change your IP address. That should hopefully fix the problem. As far as the source of the problem, I could not find out what it was from my end since both website host and ISP were saying it wasn’t an issue at their end.

    If anyone has any idea why this could happen, let me know so I know if this could be prevented from happening in the future.

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