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  • Hi,

    Earlier today I noticed that when somebody tries to access my site using Opera, it gives them the following message: “Visiting this page may be harmful. It has been reported for distributing malicious software. Opera Software strongly discourages visiting this page.”

    My site works fine with all the other browsers and I haven’t distributed any malicious software on it or any software at all. It’s just a blog. I do write about Android and iPhone apps but there are no direct download links on my site.

    I used Sucuri SiteCheck Malware Scanner plugin hoping it will help me locate the problem.

    It didn’t find any malware, malicious javascript, malicious iframs, suspicious redirections, black hat SEO Spam or anomaly.

    It did, however, confirm that my site is blacklisted by Yandex. All the other safe browsing checkers (like Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web and so on) say that my site is clean.

    It said on Yandex’s webpage that they can help webmasters find malicious code from their website. So first thing I did was sending them an e-mail asking for help. Sadly, though, they haven’t yet answered me. It was hours ago and I’d like to fix this problem as fast as possible.

    Any advice on what should I do?

    URL to my website:

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  • Okay. I further investigated this issue on my own. I downloaded a new plugin Exploit Scanner. It found that a lot of the plugins I’m using are infected. I got rid of the plugins.

    However, Exploit Scanner still shows 4 level sever matches.

    The matches can be seen on the picture below:

    Should I delete the codes shown on the picture?

    I’d recommend using this plugin to crawl your site:

    I think it crawls deeper than the Securi site. If you are in fact infected, then you’ll need to go through the WordPress documentation for being hacked and clean your site out.

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