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  • Wp-Polls has made my website redirect from the home page to my polls archive page since i set up the polls archive. Ive since uninstalled the plugin in an attemt to fix this and the page still redirects ive checked the source of my site and the httpaccess files but i cant find an issue. anyone able to solve this problem ? thanks. site:

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  • Same thing here!!! WTF? My main page is being redirected to a page that I made last night. I’ve checked cant seem to find any issues. Any one know what is going on?

    I moved the page to the trash but it is still trying to direct to the KW research page

    Your website wont even open for me im getting a dns lookup error. but yeh its possibly a big fault with the plugin and the new wp installation or something.

    I reactivated he plugin to remove the 404 error but its stil a big problem for me im not sure how much this will effect my seo also

    Plugin Author Lester Chan


    I am pretty sure there is some plugin conflict or something wrong with your theme. Please try on the default theme WITHOUT any other plugins activated to see if it happens.

    I havnt added or removed any plugins since the issue occured. the only thing I changed was creating the polls archive page and adding the polls to it. since then its been happening.

    Plugin Author Lester Chan


    When you create the polls archive page it is basically creating a normal WP page and there is no code in WP-Polls that redirects you to any pages.

    Yes i do realise that. all i have done however is activate that page. Ive not changed anyhting else and i dont understand why its happening.

    I managed to solve the issue though im still unaware to what caused it.

    'url',NULL),(2,'/',0,1,260,'2010-07-10 21:56:09',2,'enabled','url',301,'/more/polls','url',NULL);
    /*!40000 ALTER TABLE <code>wp_redirection_items</code> ENABLE KEYS */;

    This code was in my database so i just changed it too disabled however i still have no idea how it go there. i installed your database backup plugin to backup my database once a week in case this happens again cheers for the help Lester Chan keep up the good work ^^

    Plugin Author Lester Chan


    Thanks! Do a google on “wp_redirection_items” I believed it is a plugin causing the issue as that table is not part of WP

    I found that when I deactivated and then reactivated all of my plugins it was Redirect by John Godley that was causing the problem. RICK

    Looks like Redirect by that John Godley fellow caused me some heartburn too. I disabled it and reenabled it, and I’m good to go. Odd.

    Thanks for the tips.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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