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  • Hi,

    I am struggling with a weird problem for some months, and i am yet to find a permanent fix to the issue. any help in this would be highly helpful.

    All inner pages except the homepage in my site shows 404 not found error. My site uses permalinks, after researching a bit I learnt that this is problem with the mod_rewrite rule and the solution suggested was that, to fix the issue I just need to load the permalinks page in wordpress admin settings. I did that and the issue got resolved.

    But now the problem is, the issue happens every now and then the 404 error happens very frequently on clicking any link other than home page. some times it happens in the midnight and I realize it only by the next day morning, the site will remain down all these time. In the morning I go to the wordpress admin and take the permalinks page, the issue fixes. It has been like these for some months now.

    I even contacted the hosting guys multiple times everytime but still I can’t figure out a solution or a permanent fix to this issue. I am really disappointed now as I dont know why the mod-rewrite rule changes every now and then and the issue happens without any change from my part.

    Any help in this would be really appreciable, Thanks in advance,

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  • Change the permalink structure to default and check whether if the same problem happen. To Change the permalink structure in admin settings.

    Thanks for the instant reply King Member…

    Simply loading that permalink page will fix the issue… no need to change the permalink structure. But the issue will happen again after a day or two.

    At present the issue is there, I have submitted a ticket with the hosting guys. If I want i can fix the issue now, by loading the permalinks page in the settings. But I am keeping it like this to let them investigate and come up with a permanent fix. but I dont think they can, it has been kike this for more than 10 hrs now…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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