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  • Hi
    I run a website that seems to freeze up computers that are run through aol
    and I don’t know why it does that??
    My site is hosted on dreamhost and I use wordpress..
    Why do aol members have this problem??
    Is there a way I can fix it from my sites end??
    Any help is appreciated

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  • I just viewed your site on the aol browser and it worked fine for me using a high speed internet connection. MAYBE your site is graphic heavy and dial up users have trouble loading it.

    Maybe the ugly popups that want to show up?

    maybe your website asks simple arithmetic questions?

    It does that cause of all the images you have on the homepage… And the aol users prob still have dial up.

    Try limiting how many posts show up under your options…

    And maybe get rid of some of your ads… Haha those all have to load as well.

    2 of my friends who lock up have cable modem..
    so it can’t be that..
    I can try to bring the posts down to half
    and have one of those friends try access to the site
    after the change..and see if they still lock up..
    It is not the popup..because we only added a popup to the site in Oct..or Sept the earliest..
    and they been having that issue of locking the pc since the beginning…even when out site was not use to be myspace page reviews and videos..they had this problem a long time now..
    But I will try that and see if it helps my aol friends…
    will let u know
    thanks all

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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