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    I just noticed that i have Sitemaps xml google, and the seo framework i already have on my wordpress site… is it possible that they collide with each other ?
    Because i barely get any searches and on console, i don’t get any data regarding on what keywords my site is coming up.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer



    The sitemap in TSF is tuned to its robots’ indexing settings. This way, search engines can crawl it more effectively, and no errors will pop up. But if you don’t use the advanced robots’ settings, then you’re fine using either a sitemap solution!

    Now, new websites struggle in search. With thousands of new sites spawning every day, search engines need their time to separate the good from the bad. Only after a few months (and after acquiring a few backlinks) will your website gain some trust and traction. Keep improving your site and add more content if you deem so necessary.

    Feel free to reach out at any time when you’re finding any other issues. Have a great weekend!



    Hi thanks for reply.
    But my website been online for now about 1 year and it still barely get noticed, im not saying to be popular and have 100+ views at least 10 searches would be enough for me to satisfy me cuz for now it just looks like people cannot find my website and idk how

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer



    I see now 🙂 Your website seemed new to me looking at the updated-times–I think I should’ve concluded that you’ve been busy (or, even better, I had to ask instead of speculating…).

    In any case, I found that you also relayed your inquiry on Reddit.

    My first question would’ve been: What’s the search volume? And I see you answered it there: 58. Many websites succumb to a low search volume, resulting in only a few clicks.

    The problem here is that there’s not enough (niche) demand to fulfill with your website’s content. I recommend expanding on your market, which doesn’t require tactics, but an actual strategy. Tactics include using an SEO plugin, following SEO recommendations, spewing out content, etc. In contrast, a strategy entails marketing research: What are people looking for, how’s the competition (in your case, MASSIVE: Hotels, travel agencies, local businesses, etc.), and how can I enter that market?

    When it comes to ranking and a dream for monetization, your goal should be acquiring at least a thousand-fold of your current search volume. To put this into perspective, one of our local-business clients “only” gets ~8000 search appearances every month. Of which merely 124 results in clicks–far too few to satisfy his business. We’re guiding the owner personally with SEO, but we eventually had to tell him to consider search-advertising, instead. When the market is saturated, you, unfortunately, have to buy your way in–no SEO plugin can help you here.

    Thanks for the reply,
    Yeah, i get it it’s highly competitive, but i just created a website for a friend, 4 days in just 4 impressions no clicks but i still received the query data on google console.
    Where my site has been a year, I optimized it and all, 54 impressions maybe 8 clicks which is fine I don’t mind but i don’t get any details, no query data at all.

    + When i search
    I only get 6 results, there is like 3 pages missing? And they all indexed apparently but it doesn’t show anything.

    So there is clearly something wrong with my site as in its not functioning as it should

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi again!

    Unfortunately, I have nothing to add to my previous points regarding ranking. You’re settling in a highly competitive market dominated by at least 15 Fortune 500’s, and I’m sad to tell you it’s not the best avenue to rank for without a few dozen quality backlinks. To start getting any traction, I recommend taking the social media route.

    Now, the reason why the other results aren’t displayed in search is that there are duplicated content issues. From Google’s search query (at the bottom):

    In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 7 already displayed.

    Unfortunately, I can’t manually assert if their findings are true. Google Search Console should notify you on this issue, however:

    I know it’s a highly competitive market… That doesn’t mean my pages shouldn’t be on google and there is for sure something wrong with SEO either this plugin or something else.
    You said about backlinks, I still don’t have backlinks, i played around a bit and looks like its back on track or first time on track since a year because i kept hearing oh you need this or that it’s just how it is… its competitive…
    I don’t know what was the reason for this problem, what i remember doing was deleting my whole sitemap and submitting it all over again with my 10 pages only (Where last site map had all links to images etc, this one just have 10 to 10 pages) Also another was i deleted my domain property as i had 1 property of and one with just, i delted the https one and left with only After those changes it seems to be working fine, im finally getting data which keywords people type that im showing up in and which they click on

    Another problem i found is that its only for siquijor page, meanwhile all the rest 4-5 still do not show on google and it says URL is not on Google… I guess its something wrong with this SEO framework plugin as thats the only thing i can think of for now

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