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    i have a website still on beta version, i published it since almost 3 weeks have now almost 250 pic and 52 articles, i wanted to change the hosting account because the hosting am using now have many bad things going on..

    the back up i downloaded for the whole system not including the DB is almost 900 Mgb, is it too much big or its just me ??

    i have some problems in the website even when i use W3C for cashing and Wp_clean the website response is slower than usual and the load is 13 Second for first page.

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  • i used a plugin to make backups and the bakcups it self was 500 Mgb..
    i think its still big and looking into it m self..

    Yeah thats pretty big file, firstly i would check your uploads folder to see if its the images, some image upload configurations produce alot of clutter in that folder where you could have up to 5 different sized images (thumbnails etc) for the one image that you upload via the media uploader, if that looks all good then check out you plugins folders to make sure theres no big logs etc. You could be maxing out your hosting allowance which might contribute to the speed issues. just my assumptions

    ok, the backups might be part of that download which is why its so big

    my hosting is unlimited bandwidth and connections but as godaddy have a problem in there servers i discovered they have been moving my websites / hosting account to many servers for new connections..

    i use EWWWWimage for lessleas images so i dont think that the images have something to do there..
    after deleteing the backups from the folder the full website is now almost 250-32- Mgb, which i think is still bigger than usual as the upload folder is only 56Mgb.

    how big is the plugins folder?

    about 120 or less

    Its gotta be one of the folders in your installation, im sure you will find it, normal installations without images are around 40ish mb good luck

    120 is big try narrow it down it could be a log file or something as i dont know what plugins you are running

    do u know any alternatives for w3c ??

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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