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  • your site is promising and promotes places in India, but the only thing that bothers me is the Networked Blogs widget’s width… may be you can adjust it to match the other widgets. 🙂

    @PinoyTechHub : Thank you. I have done the changes.

    all those who can suggest and advise me are most welcome…

    You need to add alot more picuters if you are going to write about holidays, and remove the gloomy ones ‘cos it doesnt make us want to go there 😛

    Your site seems well constructed and is easy to navigate. You need to add lots of photos! The 5 main pages have zero photos. Photos are needed to inspire interest. Good job.

    Maybe you can find a nice holiday wp theme.

    yes, I had a nexgen gallery on all of my main pages. But it stopped working all of sudden and I upgraded the version of plugin but it was of no use.

    I am currently looking for a good banner plugin as a replacement for nexgen plugin

    It taking too long to load your website( i am using broadband connection) try alternative themes or optimize your website/hosting for speed.
    Nice content

    I appreciate the information you are bringing to your visitors, but I am concerned you are not showcasing your content in the best possible way. The main concern is how the high areas of contrast tend to take your eye away from the main content. First, my eye keeps moving toward the advertisement at the top. Second, it goes to the graphic images on the right sidebar – the colors on black are overpowering – and why am I checking out the social network icons? I should be reading your blog! Sadly, the last place I go to is the main content. Visually, the storyline is presented with the least punch. Choosing to use a sidebar and bringing so much visual appeal to it is not be working for you – you may consider using another theme or flip-flopping the areas that have high contrast.

    We went with a symmetrical layout when we designed The point here was to ensure that focus stayed at the center – on the domain names and logos we are featuring. We also integrated some of the colors and feel with the background image. This is another thing I noted when visiting your site – the gray is SO uninspiring. This is INDIA! The land of colors, smells, textures, etc. I don’t mean to over-orientalize here and present such an essentialist perspective, but this site needs to jump out at you! I would hope to see a gorgeous colorful image, front and center… Watch a great bollywood flick for some inspiration…

    Well, these are my thoughts. Hope this helps!



    Sorry, one more note. Half of your tag line is a repetition of your site’s name. This is redundant. I would also spell out the entire name and not use the @ sign – it just seems a bit informal for the site’s name.

    The phrasing might be off too. Holidays at India sounds a bit awkward. We tend to use “at” before a specific place – holidays at the White House, holidays at our grandmothers, holidays at Disneyworld… I would recommend using “in” for a region or country. Holidays in Canada, Holidays in Austria, etc…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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