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  • Do you mean to say “motive ate me” or did you misspell “motivate”? Just wondered.

    motiveateme is three words put together 😉 T’would be a shame if I misspelled my own domain name!
    I’m not sure where the idea came from, I guess I had it several years ago and when I thought of making a website and had to come up with a layout, the cool “m” logo that I had made brought about the idea of using the name ( didn’t sound too cool). Does anyone have any thoughts on the layout? I’m thinking of making it more usable; right now it’s pretty, but I want to make the site more academic (kind of like an apologetics site) so it would need to be more organized and less attention-getting..

    I noticed on my browsers, both Mozilla and NetScape, that your calendar is way out or didstorted. I looked at your CSS and found that you were using “block” and a background .gif for the highlighted dates and events without stating the padding and margin settings. It is tricky using an image to highlight a small area and keep the proportions just right when they are random and float over top oneanother. This would throw out your text-font settings also.
    I detatched mine from the menu all together and positioned it “absolute” to keep everything together. I “zeroed” out everything, then added the positions I wanted, tweaking it as I went untill I got it just right. I’m still tweaking it…. it never stops… *he he he*
    I like the menu buttons you have, very cool. 🙂

    Thanks for the compliments on the menu buttons. I got the idea from
    As far as the calendar goes, I just used the CSS from another css file that I was working off of.. I never got around to converting the calendar yet.
    I as well plan to continue tweaking my blog, though it took me forever just to figure out a layout that I liked in the first place; now I feel like I want to make room in this layout for even more organization/information.

    Hey, great link for scripting buttons and other stuff. I’ll be rethinking my blog-project’s layout… 🙂 Thanx.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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