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My Webhost resolved problems free in 9 mins. . .

  • I kept getting the “missing wp-install.php” message when I tried to install, even though it was there, and it was correct. But nothing i tried worked. I’ve come here for 2 days looking at support and following directions, deleting, reinstalling, moving, tweaking, you name it. Man, I was about to tear my hair out! Finally, I went to LiveSupport at my webhost Geekhosting.com and told the technician what was wrong, and he had me hold on for about 9 minutes with occasional simple questions and bingo!! Up and running in 9 minutes! Seems there was some small technical issue with my webhost, some little tweak that a newbie like me would have never known about. He didn’t go into details even though I asked him (i guess he had to move on to the next newbie!) or I would share that with you all. But the point is this: before you hire someone or spend 48 hours going mad, ask your webhost to help you. If that technician can’t or won’t, log out and come back. Somebody there DOES know what’s going on, and they can look at all your files and see much quicker than a newbie can what the exact problem is! The info on this support forum is great and such a benefit to programmers, but for those of us who have stumbled blindly into this area out of necessity, it can be pretty daunting. I’m learning the hard way like a lot of others, and that can be such a burden to those of you who provide the help in this forum. Thank you for doing it anyway, and maybe this post will help get some of us who are pretty clueless in this area over to people we are paying to help us!

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