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  • Last night I posted a new entry to my webcomic at my site ( Kurtoons Online ). While I was logged in I also updated a couple plug-ins including the “Webcomics” plug-in. Later that evening I found out that the links to my comic were no longer going to it, but were going to my site’s home page instead. And when I went to my dashboard, it had nothing regarding any webcomics on it.

    I tried de-activating and re-activating the Webcomics plug-in. Now my dashboard gives me Webcomics options and the list of the individual pages, but clicking on the links to these pages still takes me to my home page and not to the comic page.

    The pages are still in my Media Library; they’re just not on my site.

    What can I do.

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  • Try these:
    1- resetting permalinks
    2- deactivate all plugins
    3- If the above do not solve the problem, perhaps reverting to Twenty Eleven theme with all plugins off can help.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    My permalinks are currently at the default setting. I’m not sure what changes might help.

    The Webcomics plug-in is the only one I currently have activated. Deactivating it has not helped; it only eliminates all of the webcomics-related options from my site. Same with reverting to the Twenty Eleven Theme.

    Right now it’s looking like my best option will be to simply start re-posting three years worth of comics.

    Your sites content seems to be quite intact. You do not have to re-post everything. You can make a backup of your site and restore to a fresh reinstall of WordPress. That will be much easier.

    I’m obviously doing things wrong. Re-installing WordPress does not seem to affect anything. I appreciate your help, but I am banging my head against a solid block of ignorance. I’m sure whatever I need to do is simple, but I’m missing it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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