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  • Very new to this. I have built a page using WordPress and hosted by FatCow. I have built the site ( and published it) yet I can not find it on a Google search.
    I can get to it only by typing in the web address in the top area that has all the HTTP:/ stuff in it but if I type in the name of the site (Windrush Sculpture) or even in the Google search bar nothing comes up regarding the site-even though I’m being very specific aboput the name, and there are no other Windrush Sculpture sites either so it’s not like it’s at the end of a long list. In WordPress general settings I put Windrush Sculpture as site title and Vermont-handcrafted metal sculpture as tag line. Why is my site not showing up? Thanks for your help

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  • Leon


    Google needs to know that the site exists.
    Go to and add your site. Define your sitemap.
    Get incoming links. Then still it can take some time for your site to be added to google.

    Moderator Kathryn


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    I don’t see any content on your site yet – all the pages are empty for me. I see no text and no images.

    Google indexes sites that have content on them – and the higher-quality content, the better. Once you get some good incoming links and add some keyword-rich content to your site you should eventually get spidered.

    Also take a look at the recent advice I gave someone in the forum with a similar question.

    You don’t really have any content. YOu have placeholder pages set up or something, but for the most part, no content yet it looks like.

    You’ll need some content in place, then google should pick you up quiickly. webmaster tools is helpful, but google is pretty good at picking up sites on its own too

    EDIT: @zoonini was quicker on the draw!!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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