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  • I’m not sure whether it’s some new Google algorithm or a plugin or what. Even when I put my exact All in One Seo Title in, the one on the title bar, it doesn’t show up in Google search.

    I have 5 WP blogs, and it has been happening over 5 weeks, particularly hurting 2 of them: and They both have AZIndex plugin, so wondered if it was that. Or they are both cartoon blogs, so I wondered if Google is penalizing image blogs for some reason, even though there is also plenty of text.

    I know I rarely update them (blush), and I only get a small amount of visitors anyway, but one has gone down 83% in hits, and one 90%! Steadily, and it’s less every week.

    Is this happening to anyone else, or can you see anything wrong with them? Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • Sorry to say that this is not a WordPress problem. Goggle churns out Algorithm updates at the rate of about two changes per day. So, it is hard to say which Algorithm change has hit you. From the domain names you quoted the problem can be with the Exact Matching Domain name algorithm, though Google Penguin and Google Panda (ongoing algorithm updates) also might have hit you.

    This is just a hint. Anyway, try these:
    1. See if regular updating (new posts, pages, etc) helps as this has helped many people.
    2. Post your question on SEO forums and Google forums.

    Thanks very much, Krishna.

    I never heard of the Exact Matching Domain name penalty. So I’ve been killed by buying names that actually, you know, describe the content. I guess we aren’t supposed to use our own names, either. Great news for those of us left who have the integrity to actually use our real names. /sarcastic

    Hope reading this latest review helps:

    Also make a Google search to learn more about EMD.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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