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  • Maybe reduce the white space for your site name and tag line a bit at the top, possibly slow the slider down a bit or even make it load one image and pause until after the remainder of the page had loaded, and maybe move the tags to across the bottom to shorten the page and reduce all that empty space down there. But overall, congrats to you for a decent job getting started!

    Agree with reducing white space in header a bit.

    I would argue that the slider should be scrapped completely and not used. The way the articles are set up, it seems rather redundant, not to mention sliders are so overused. I mean it seems kind of odd looking at Saint Martin and having that same post right below it.

    The tags should also be scrapped, when there is one post in a tag, it isn’t a useful navigation. They also make the sidebar too long on short posts adding a ton of white space.

    The text in the sidebar is too light, I get that it is probably not trying to draw attention, but still it is too light.

    Most important, scrap the /wordpress/ out of the URL. Ideally you would want this to be accessible from the root domain unless a different site is going there then /blog/ or /travels/ or something more useful than /wordpress/ as a directory. You can change this, but it takes a little finesse (instructions in codex), don’t just rename it.

    the light blue and grey text colors are barely visible (sidebar,footer,and post info)

    your blog looks great! i would say make the site name and tag line bigger. it’s too small. and change the text color to a darker shade, so it will be visible.

    I love your did great.never give up updating your blog.

    Thanks for all the usefull tips!
    It took me about a week to change the URL, but I finally (thing I’ve) nailed it:
    Now let’s update the rest of the site, and hopefully I can actually start blogging! 🙂

    I think, this is a nice blog. I like your slider and Good categorization. I think you can create a logo and favicon for your blog. As I see, your posts are unique, this is most important thing.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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