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  • I’ve been using the same user name/password for ages to get into my wordpress site and today it’s not recognizing them. Nothing has been changed and I can’t reset password because it doesn’t recognize the user name anymore (i.e. ERROR: Invalid username or e-mail)
    Would really appreciate some help as I urgently need to get into my wordpress to make important changes to my site.

    Thanks so much

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  • When you go recover the password, type your e-mail instead of the username.

    Thanks Miroslav…but I did that already, not recognizing email either.

    Good heavens, that’s all double dutch to me. How can something like a user name/email and password no longer be able to be used?? I don’t know how to use ftp and the phpMyAdmin looks positively scarey.
    Is there a way I can just delete the whole wordpress site and start again? The website is only one page and at least I know how to do that.

    Probably a dumb question but I’ll ask anyway :

    Did you have your caps lock on?

    No such thing as a dumb question, particularly when it was an important one. I wish it was something as simple as having my caps lock on but alas, it’s not.

    Thanks WP Yogi
    I think for sure my site has been hacked because the theme background in no longer showing and my old user name and password is not being accepted.
    I followed the instructions on that link you provided to change my password and it didn’t work.
    One thing that’s very strange is that the user id listed in phpmyadmin is not the one I chose for my user name. In any event, I changed the password according to the instructions but it’s still not logging me in. I used both combos…the user name I originally chose and the new password and the user name that is listed in the user id in phpmyadmin with the new password. Nothing!
    I am at a loss now. I have a site I can’t get into anymore!
    If you can advise in any way I would really appreciate that.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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